28.01.20 by Kimi

Blicero – “Playtime”

A fun video for Glasgow-based music producer Blicero by filmmaker Jack Willison. Shot in the Scottish highlands, “Playtime” features Blicero performing his debut track on highly professional music equipment.

27.01.20 by Kimi

“Julie & I” by Waley Wang

Two co-dependent friends live in a fantasy world all their own in this fun short written and directed by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Waley Wang. Shot on super 16mm and 8mm film by cinematographer-producer Andrea Gavazzi (previously featured here), “Julie & I” is described as an anti-fashion film inspired by French New Wave:

“We intentionally borrowed a lot of imagery from videos and fashion films that we loved, to create a visual post-modern landscape crafted from contemporary video tastes. The goal was to also comment on some of today’s over-emphasis on aesthetic also going a little too far for the same reasons that make them so beautiful.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Oriane Playner
Kitty Collins
Rachel Warren
Sandra Leclercq

Writer & Director: Waley Wang
Director of Photography: Andrea Gavazzi
Editor: Matt Schaff
Stylist: Clemence Therin
1st Assistant Camera: Alexey Kosorukov
Gaffer: Vicente Roxas
Line Producer: Seong-Tae Han
Line Producer: Landon Yost
Production Designer: Selvaggia Messi
Art Director: Mickey Hoover
Art Director: Sarah Leriche
Art Director: Tiffany Hattori
Sound Design: Romain Sturma & Camille Thomas
ADR: Sam Stevenson-Yang
VFX: Francesco Esposito
Color: Josh Bohoskey
Color Producer: Evan Bauer @ The Mill New York
Producers: Andrea Gavazzi & Waley Wang


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24.01.20 by Kimi

“Chunyun” by Jonathan Bregel

New York City-based filmmaker Jonathan Bregel captures lots of little moments during the largest annual human migration in the world. Chinese New Year is a cultural phenomenon that attracts over three billion people, most of whom travel long distances to spend treasured time with their families.


Directed, Shot, Edited: Jonathan Bregel
Original Score and Sound Design: Matthias Muller


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23.01.20 by Kimi

“Cheeto Monster” by Cassandra Surina & David Ehrenreich

Love this dreamy portrait of graphic designer Asami Tsukada by directors Cassandra Surina and David Ehrenreich (previously featured here). As a Japanese expat living in Canada, Tsukada reflects on her time in Tokyo and Vancouver, and the way each place has informed her sense of identity, gender and race. The stylish piece emerged from the simple desire to “tell a story with a woman we love.” As Surina and Ehrenreich explain, having lived half of her life in two very different countries, Tsukada is “a true outlier wherever she calls home.” Check out “Cheeto Monster” above as well as some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Featuring Asami Tsukada
Written & Directed by Cassandra Surina & David Ehrenreich
Cinematography & Editing: David Ehrenreich
Wardrobe: Cassandra Surina
Set Photos: Kane Hopkins


Photo by Cassandra Surina


Photo by Cassandra Surina


Photo by David Ehrenreich


Photo by David Ehrenreich


Photo by Kane Hopkins


Photo by Kane Hopkins


Photo by Kane Hopkins


Photo by Kane Hopkins


Photo by Kane Hopkins


David Ehrenreich on Vimeo 

Cassandra Surina on Instagram


22.01.20 by Kimi

Perfect Son – “Almost Mine”

An absorbing audio visual experience for Sub Pop artist Perfect Son (aka Tobiasz Biliński). Directed by Kristina Fellers and Evan Fellers of Boston-based Black Math, the video is described as an exploration of how “energy transitions through the self-realizing universe” and features footage shot on land and underwater in Costa Rica, Iceland, Canada, and the United States.

22.01.20 by Kimi

“Mondeo” by Rosco 5

A man bumps into his imaginary friend after 20 years apart in this delightfully absurd sketch by London-based directing duo Rosco 5 aka KevinGideon Beresford and Behnam Taheri (previously featured here).


Kiell Smith-Bynoe
Sunil Patel
Graham Dickson

Written & Directed by Rosco 5
Produced by Phoebe Bourke
Cinematography by Anthony Lucas


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21.01.20 by Kimi

TOKiMONSTA – “Fried for the Night” feat. EARTHGANG

Trippy video for TOKiMONSTA and EARTHGANG’s track “Fried for the Night” by Los Angeles-based director and photographer Romain Laurent (previously featured here). CGI by motion graphic designer Clément Morin.


Director: Romain Laurent
Creative Director: Danna Takako
Executive Producer: Lewis Kunstler
DP: Patrick Jones
1st AD: Lexi Kirsch
2nd AD: Noa Rosenburg
1st AC: Ryan Sax
2nd AC: Caitlin Brown
Gaffer: Nate Thompson
BBE: Robert Calva
Key Grip: Michael Rosner-Hyman
BBG: Alvaro Manrique Iribas
Makeup: TOKiMONSTA – Francie Luxe
Hair: TOKiMONSTA – Nena Soulfly
Stylist: EARTHGANG – Alanna Holton Rose
Stylist: TOKiMONSTA – Alexis Bergens
Production Designer: Matt Sokoler
Art Director: JP Sweeney


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20.01.20 by Kimi

“KITT” by Ben Dean

Great portrait of Melbourne-based artist Kitt Bennett by director Ben Dean. Specializing in sprawling large-scale ground murals, Kitt’s latest piece utilizes aerial photography to create the world’s largest ‘Gif-iti’ — four times the size of the previous title holder and, like most of his recent work, visible from space when zoomed in from Google Maps. But, as Ben explains, it isn’t just Kitt’s work that grabs people’s attention:

“His work is truly epic and was a big inspiration for making the film. But it’s his personality, contagious energy and outlook on life that really got me excited. This film is not just about his artistic approach — it’s a fun and energetic deeper dive into what goes on in his head. He paints 40-metre-long figures with a simple paint roller, bathes in a tub full of milk and giant Fruit Loops by a lake, talks about his infamous ‘Scorpenis’ painting and plays ‘bush pokies’ — all while sporting a mullet, golden tooth and body covered in tattoos.”

Check out “KITT” above as well as some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Director: Ben Dean
Cinematography: Max Walter
Editor: Chris Brown
Featuring Kitt Bennett & Goodie
Color Grade: Abe Wynen
Producer: Ben Dean
Music Supervisor: Jonathan Wellbelove
Sound Mix: Jon Shamieh
Aerial Footage: Simon Clifford
1st AC: Lucas Brown
2nd AC: Ceceila Hedditch
Best Boy: Louis Walter
Thanks to: The Vision House, Jennie McCartney, Juddy Roller





Ben Dean’s Website

Ben Dean on Instagram

Kitt Bennett’s Website

Kitt Bennett on Instagram


17.01.20 by Kimi

Glass Mountain Rodeo – “Favorite Dudes”

Director Cooper Kenward pokes fun at some common stereotypes of manliness. As he explains: “This is my attempt to visualize personal anxieties about masculinity in a satirical way. There was no budget, just some monster energy drink and a few favors.” Check out “Favorite Dudes” above and click here to see more of Kenward’s previously featured work!


Directed & Edited by Cooper Kenward
Cinematography by Natalie Warner
Color by Jack Caswell


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16.01.20 by Kimi

Devon Gilfillian – “Unchained”

An uplifting video for Devon Gilfillian by Clara Aranovich (previously featured here). Shot in Devon’s hometown of Morton, PA, “Unchained” stars Devon’s brother, Ryan Gilfillian, who suffered a spinal cord injury at the age of 17 that left him disabled from the waist down. The video follows a day in Ryan’s life and highlights his determination to be the best version of himself despite any setbacks.


Directed by Clara Aranovich
Featuring Ryan Gilfillian
Producer: Tiffany-Marie Soto
1st Asst. Director: Phil Hysmith
Exec. Producers: Melora Donoghue, Neil Garvey
Production Company: Little Ugly
Cinematographer: John Schmidt
Gaffer: Danielle Berg
Editor: Jakob Zieman
Post Supervisor: Naheem Adio
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Label: Capitol Records
Commissioner: Colin Wyatt
Music Video Rep: Reprobates


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15.01.20 by Kimi

SmilesWithTeeth – “Love”

A beautiful meditation on the passage of time and what we notice when we pay attention to the mundane by Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based director and photographer Luke Orlando. The video came about during a road trip to Montréal, the city Orlando went to college. But what began as a 2 week visit quickly turned into 2 months of couch-surfing and nostalgic self-reflection. As Orlando explains:

“in that period of being lost, I found myself committing to making a music video for my friend Gabo (aka SmilesWithTeeth). The track is called ‘Love’ and right off the bat I was like ‘no way am I making a video about love between two people…’ so naturally I shifted to making a video about the spaces we love and how our love manifests in the objects we hold on to and the meaning we imbue them with. It’s the result of revisiting places I spent my formative years in, and encountering tangible nostalgia in the small details of my old home.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Artist: SmilesWithTeeth
Director: Luke Orlando
Cinematographer: Jonathan Brisebois
Producer: Ben Soussan + Niveau 2
Production Designer: Erika Loyola Andrade
AD: Gabriel J Pelletier
Gaffer: Harley Francis
Art PAs: Adrien Taret, Hana Shiraishi
Grip / Everything-man: Hakan Vaizoglu
Flame Artist: Tim Hendrix
Additional VFX: Dan Frantz
Color: Jacob McKee

Special thanks to: Anna Maria Trudel, Danny Spades,
Nico Adama, Mishka Kornai, Dan Carr,
Ariel Fisher, SLA, and Didier Charette / Cinelande


This video was submitted by Luke Orlando and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

14.01.20 by Kimi

Tennis – “Need Your Love”

New York-based director and photographer Luca Venter creates a perfectly retro video for Tennis’ track “Need Your Love.” Of the process, Venter shares:

“We made this video together in the middle of nowhere. It took days of traveling to get there (we sailed for 3 days) and endured seasickness and swarms of biting insects. The beauty and harshness of the environment and the dark void felt like the perfect visual representation of the song.”

This is just one of the many fun submissions we’ve received in the past week. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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