18.09.19 by Kimi

James Massiah – “Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me)” NSFW

South London poet and musician James Massiah cruises through the streets of a sweltering dystopia in this fantastic video by visionary director Ian Pons Jewell (previously featured here).


Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Managing Partner & EP Landia: Adrián D’Amario
Managing Director & EP Reset: Dave Morrison
Executive Producer: Luciana Abramzon
Director of Photography: Mauro Chiarello
Movement Choreographer: Charlie Mayhew
Wardrobe Stylist: Sol Montalvo
Art Director: Sebastian Beretta
Producer: Tito Ortiz Basualdo
1st AD: Andrés Chenaut
2nd Assistant Director: Barbara Terasani
3rd Assistant Director: Teresita Barusso
Key Production Assistant: Juan Escolar
Production Assistant: Nicolás Schneider
Runner: Jose Fogwill
Focus Puller: Hernán Alberto Alvarado Martinez
2nd Assistant Camera: Maximiliano Villavedra
VTR/DIT: Pabl Bernst
Video Assistant: Ana Carolina Strongoli
Video Assistant: Lorna Santiago
Steadycam Op: Nicolás Mayer
Steadycam Assistant: Laura Molteni
Key Grip: Nestor Eduardo Paradiso
Grip: Roberto Julián Regueiro
Grip: Daniel Chitarino
Gaffer: Agustin Rocca
Electrician: Sergio Piñeyro
Electrician: Ezequiel Martin Stoeff
Electrician: Gabriel Dario Barrera
Genny op: Sergio Salgado
Art Assistant: Viru Patricio Lobo
Prop Master: Pablo Lamoglia
Prop Master: Lucas Amado
Wardrobe Assistant: Maria Victoria Fernandez
Make up & Hair: Lucrecia Fontana
Make up & Hair: Magdalena Wust
Make up Assistant: María Constantina Hearne
Make up & Hair Assistant: Lucia Parisi
Make up & Hair Assistant: Josefina Fascetto
Casting: Saigon Casting
Casting Director: Agustin Aguirre
Equipment: Alfavisión

Editing Company: The Assembly Rooms
Editor: Gaia Borretti
Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny
Post Production Company: Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor: Thiago Dantas
Colourist: Lewis Crossfield
2D Lead: Thiago Dantas
2D Artists: Adam Paterson, Jamie Crofts
2D Artists: Linda Cieniawska, Matt Shires
2D Artists: Stephen Grasso, Will Robinson
3D Artists: Francois Roisin, Jon Park
3D Artists: Walter How, Zoé Sottiaux
3D Artists: Mike battcock, Sam Osborne
VFX Producer: Sean Ewins
Executive Producer: Tom Johnson
Sound Design: String and Tins
Label: Levels

Special Thanks:
Bugs Hartley
Matilda Finn
Jeremy Sassen at Movietech
Tom Middleton
Joss Carter
Emily Thompson-Smith


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18.09.19 by Kimi

Anni B Sweet – “Buen Viaje”

A great take on 60’s psychedelia in this stylish video for Spanish singer-songwriter Ana Fabiola López Rodríguez aka Anni B Sweet by Barcelona-based director Marc Lesperut (previously featured here).


Director: Marc Lesperut
Production Company: Vivir Rodando
Production Manager: Max de Rosselló
Head Production: Maria Granell
Production Assistant: Sergio Delgado
1st Ad: Ferran Ureña
2nd Ad: Ana Bear
Dop: Daniel Burgos
1st Assistant Camera: Biel Capellas
Camera Production Assistant: Lucía Ajuria
2nd Camera Assistant: Cristina Buxó
SteadiCam Operator: Alberto Ojeda
Gaffer: Xavier González Margalef
Electricians: Iñaki Martínez, Aina Graupera
Art Director: Blai Carriet
Costume Designer: Laura Kensington
Editor: Óscar Pérez
Colorist: Maria Nualart
Graphic Design: Víctor Riba
Hair & Make Up: Joana García
Choreographer: Patty Causon
Dancers: Núria Carmona, Sena Ortiz, Saúl Higueras, Irene Santos, Erik Peña, Óscar Pérez

Thanks to:
Napalm Rentals, The Action Unit, Ferran Pifarré,
Ferran Granell, Moonlight Cinema

Artist: Anni B Sweet
Band: Jul Martín, Chumi, Víctor Cabezuelo, Antonio Trapote
Label: Subterfuge Records


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18.09.19 by Kimi

“Hey Girl” by Mary Dauterman

A classic horror narrative becomes the backdrop to a self-absorbed millennial’s bachelorette party preparations in this delightfully absurd short by Brooklyn-based director Mary Dauterman (previously featured here).


Directed by Mary Dauterman
Written by Mary Dauterman + Jenny Donheiser
Starring Jenny Donheiser
Featuring Meagan Kensil + Janna Emig
Cinematography: Whit Conway
Hair + Makeup + penis cake: Sarah Dauterman
Edit: Kyle Moriarty
Color: Stefan Hueneke
Mix: Pete Crimi
Music Composition: Allie Armstrong


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17.09.19 by Kimi

Max Cooper – “Repetition”

An epic audio-visualization for Max Cooper’s Yearning for the Infinite by director Kevin McGloughlin (previously featured here). “Repetition” is an attempt to convey the daunting and disorienting concept of human development and the seemingly endless struggle for a fruitful future alongside ever-growing technological ‘advancements.’ As Cooper explains further:

“For every chapter of the story I found a different technique to approach it, in this case, the simple idea of repetition. Apply it, and we have a form of infinity. This was also a natural fit for my music, where I had a nice excuse to push the repetitive boat out even more than usual…. Visually, I was lucky to get to work with one of my favourite artists, Kevin McGlouglin, where we told the human side of the story, our endless pursuit of growth and “progress”, our duplication of built form and expanding cities, looking to an unbounded future of urban sprawl… But despite our society-endangering issues around human consumption and sustainability, it wasn’t supposed to be a doom scenario. We tried that musically and it didn’t seem to fit. There was a back and forth on the ideas and their musical and visual representation, and what worked was something that for me seems more focused on the worth of our endless striving than its possible role in our downfall.”

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16.09.19 by Kimi

“GAL” by Kasey Lum

A surreal take on jonesing for a cigarette by London-based director Kasey Lum (previously featured here).


Director, DP, Editor: Kasey Lum
Featuring: Jennifer Cheng
Runner: Marissa Fernando
Music: Baby by Donnie & Joe Emerson


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13.09.19 by Kimi

Monster Rally – “Adventure”

Los Angeles-based director Zak Marx explores the world of 1970s competitive moto-racing in this video for Monster Rally. Inspired by Bruce Brown’s 1971 classic On Any Sunday, “Adventure” follows the perennially ranked #2 rider, ‘Sunshine,’ as he ruminates in the shadows of adored, world champion, Jammin’ Jackie Hudson.

Braden Overwater
Eddie Tomaselli
Ken Harris

Director: Zak Marx
Writers: Zak Marx & Eddie Fritts Tomaselli
Cinematographer: Emmett Sutherland
AC: Alec Cotugno
Gaffer: Conor Soules
Key Grip: Zack Bartlett
Best Boy: Zach Trout
Props: Ohad Sarfaty
Co-Producer: Nick Hargous
Wardrobe Embroidery: Cecile B. Moxie
Color: Matt Osborne @ The Mill
Post Sound Mixer: Layton Cole Tedrick
Rental House: Shadowcast Pictures
Label: Gold Robot Records


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13.09.19 by Kimi

ÄTNA – “Ruining My Brain”

Tons of great shots in this video for ÄTNA’s track “Ruining My Brain” by director and cinematographer Philip Zeller of Nous Film.

“Aesthetics is a form of expression just like music. In a time when people call for strict borders and clear definitions this band delivers an alternative — one that is meant to unite and not separate. In the end it’s the raw emotion that triumphs.”


Inéz Schaefer
Demian Kappenstein
Chris Schröder
Artur Wielgolewski

Director & Director of Photography: Philip Zeller (Nous Film)
1st AC: Florian Fischer (Nous Film)
2nd AC: Katharina Angerer
Styling: Christina Albrecht
Hair & Makeup: Victoria Reuter
Edit, Effects & Color: Philip Zeller & Florian Fischer (Nous Film)
Special thanks to: Manuel Birnbacher
Music & Lyrics: ÄTNA Recording: Moses Schneider
Mixing: Peter J. Seifert
Mastering: ThE EmU


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12.09.19 by Kimi

“Hayashi Studio” by Hayley Gray

Director Hayley Gray celebrates the work of Japanese photographer Senjiro Hayashi in this beautiful documentary short. Commissioned by STORYHIVE — a platform which supports BC and Alberta-based creators — “Hayashi Studio” is a testament to the wealth of stories and experiences that too often go unseen or unacknowledged. As Hayley shared with us about why she took on the subject of Japanese Canadian history:

“It makes me mad that throughout North America what we know (and what we teach) with regards to racialized communities is the worst moments in their past, we don’t learn about the successes, we learn about the setbacks and the atrocities. Japanese North American’s have been here for a hundred and fifty years, there is at least sixty years of Japanese-Canadian history before 1942, longer if you look in the US. How do we learn to care about communities when we’re only taught about the moment they lost everything? When we learn that they are footnotes in another story?”


Hayashi Studio director Hayley Gray – photo by Jeremy Lee


Hayley Gray’s Website

Hayley Gray on Instagram


STORYHIVE on Youtube


12.09.19 by Kimi

Beardyman – “6am (Ready to Write)” feat. Joe Rogan

A perfectly outrageous video for UK musician and comedian Beardyman by director Ian Pons Jewell (previously featured here). Shot in Kiev, Ukraine, “6am (Ready to Write) follows an elaborate drug-induced Pinocchio hallucination set to Joe Rogan narrating a typical day in the life of Hunter S. Thompson.


Label: Sony Music, RCA
Production: Academy
Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Executive Producers: Medb Riordan, Simon Cooper, Leah Joyce
Producer: Ash Lockmun
Line Producer: Olya Kosenko
1st AD: Gryts Makarenko
DOP: Mauro Chiarello

VFX: Electric Theatre Collective
Producers: Alasdair Patrick, Sam Napper
Creative Director: James Sindle
CG Coordinator: Larisa Covaciu
2D Lead: Alex Grey
2D Artists: Adam Woolrich, Adrian Monroy, Alberto Pizzocchero, Alex Kennedy, CJ Gaikwad, Daniel Manning, Nicola Borsari, Ozgur Taparli, Flavio Kawamoto, Ryan Knowles, Stirling Archibald
3D Lead: Nick Turner
3D Artists: Alex Berweck, Dean Robinson, Elpida Kyriacou, Jake Cross, Jeffery Edo-Benson, Marko Mamula, Paul Cousins, Robert Reinschedl, Sergio Moralez, Roly Edwards, Thanos Kousis, Will Preston, James Waterhouse, Felix Chan, George Savvas, Stuart Whelbourn, Tobin Brett, Stuart Turnbull, Eddy Martinez, Adam Ledger, Florian Mounie, Ivan Xavier, Karin Mattson, Mack Knights, Jon Park, Remy Herrise, Toby Williams Ellis
Rigger: Greg Martin
Concept Artist: Romain Thirion
Colorist: Luke Morrison
Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Tobias Suhm
Executive Producer: Annabel Bennett
Producer: Antonia Porter
Assistant Editor: Steven Waltham
Sound: Aumeta
Sound Designers: Tim Harrison, Seb Bruen
Special Thanks: Reset Content, Jon Adams


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11.09.19 by Kimi

“Beasts” by Sye Allen

A dark, fairy tale-esque short written and directed by London-based filmmaker Sye Allen. Exploring the seemingly inescapable cycles that force the hands of otherwise good people, “Beasts” follows an aging farmer as he struggles to decide what is best for his family.


Francis Magee
Darcey Brown
Seylan Baxter
Ben Kerfoot
Igor Tsyshkevich

Written & Directed by Sye Allen
An Apostle/RADIOAKTIVEFILM Production
Director of Photography: Jamie D Ramsay
Producer: Darko Skulsky
Line Producer: Tanya Sokolova
Production Manager: Nick Semko
Exec. Producer: St. Luke’s Communications
1st Assistant Director: Vasil Belousov
Editor: Alex Burt
Original Music: Paddy Mulcahy
Art Director: David Kharaishvili
Casting Director: Emily Tilelli
Casting Associate: Sally Andrews
Casting Associate: Zita Zutic Konak
Ua Casting Director: Nika Bondar
Sound Design: Ben Leeves
VFX Producer: Kurtison Bailey
VFX Supervisor: Chrys Aldred
Colourist: Tobias Tomkins
Script Supervisor: Kaye Allen
Music Supervisor: Hamish Duff
Location Manager: Andrey Nedobora
Assistant Location Mg.: Dimitriy Shevchenko
Production Co-Ordinator: Anna Lee
Production Assistant: Dasha Khristich
Focus Puller: Sergey Panteleev
Steady Cam: Anton Lukashenko
Camera Assistant: Vitaliy Bass
Camera Assistant: Maxim Vesechko
Clapper: Maryna Babentsova
Gaffer: Valera Latuga
Spark: Aleksandr Getman
Chief Electric: Oleg Egorov
Key Grip: Vladimir Tsukalo
Spark: Sergey Rudenko
Spark: Firas Vaizerovich
Spark: Vadim Sytnikov
Playback: Max Sukhov
Costume: Dasha Filshina
Makeup: Anna Lisevich
Makeup Assistant: Viktoria Krukova
Animal Trainer: Natali Yurchishina
Photographer: Pavlo Zmey
Sound Recordist: Andrey Vaskovskiy
Boom Op: Alexsandr Gorbunov
Prop Master: Tkachuk Vasiliy
Art Department Crew: Parjanadze Vakhtang
Art Department Crew: Ivanov Dymtro
Art Department Crew: Koryagin Sergey
Art Department Crew: Fede Dmytro
Art Department Crew: Pavlenko Maksym
Art Department Crew: Sagal Oleksandr
Art Department Crew: Nesterov Dymtro
Art Department Crew: Lych Andrey
Art Department Crew: Koval Yuriy
Grip: Artem Pilipchuk
Grip: Sergey Vishnevskiy
Casting Director #2: Nika Bondar
Casting Manager: Marysya Koriagina
Wardrobe Assistant: Yana Golub
Wardrobe Assistant: Valeria Ruban
Wardrobe Assistant: Anton Chehov
Unit Driver: Nikolay Bilokon
Unit Driver: Nazar Artemenuik
Key PA: Anatoliy Koval
Runner: Matvei Ostroukh
Catering: Sergei Markaryan
Catering Assistant: Aleksandr Kryzhanovsky


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10.09.19 by Kimi

FKA twigs – “holy terrain” feat. Future

Lots of dramatic visuals in this video for FKA twigs track with Future, directed by FKA twigs (previously featured here) and Nick Walker (previously featured here).


Director(s): FKA twigs & Nick Walker
Production Company: Object & Animal
Exec Producer(s): Morgan Clement & Justin Benoliel
Producer: Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography: Natasha Braier
A.D: Ev Salomon
Styling: Matthew Josephs
Hair: B. Thomas
Make-up: Daniel Sallstrom
Production Design: JC Molina
Choreography: Tovaris Wilson & Theo Oliver
Dancers: Latonya Swan, Yuki Murauchi, Frankie Freeman,
Lexee Smith, Zaya Newborn, Caryn Mueller, Tydryn Monet, Tori Caro
Edit: Andy McGraw @ Cartel
VFX: The Mill
VFX: Cartel
Nebula Design: Teun van der Zalm
Special Thanks: Jake The Bull


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09.09.19 by Kimi

Guzz – “Walking In A Boundless Dream”

A love letter to the city of Yangon for Chinese musician Guzz by Canadian director and cinematographer Matt Moroz. Shot over the course of a month in Myanmar, “Walking In A Boundless Dream” follows two dancers as they navigate the traditional and modern elements of both their city and Guzz’s electronic track.


Directed by Matt Moroz
Starring Yoe Yo & Zwe Yati
Produced by May Thu Khin
Cinematography & Edit by Matt Moroz


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