13.11.19 by Kimi

“FILTERFACE” by Will & Carly

A satirical look at the negative effects of social media on young people by London-based directors Will & Carly (previously featured here). The disturbing trend to go under the knife to make flawless filtered selfies a reality has actually been labelled as a new mental illness called “Snapchat Dysmorphia.” FILTERFACE: Double Tap To Like was shot in an ex-mental health institute in North London and explores themes of self-obsession and addiction to perfection through a choreographed performance by Isabella Mahmoud and assistant choreographer Ellie Gordon. As Will & Carly state: “We really wanted to ring an alarm bell with this film and draw attention to the bizarre cultural obsession with AR filters that is hurting our women and girls in more ways than one.”


Isabella Mahmoud
Ellie Gordon
Georgie Cooper
Laura Hague
Sophie Williams

Directors: Will & Carly
Choreographer: Isabella Mahmoud
Assistant Choreographer: Ellie Gordon
Executive Producer: Ramy Dance & Tony Roberts
Producer: Jonny Duncan
Cinematographer: David Wright
Prosthetics: Natasha Lawes
Stylist: Alex Vilcov
Editor: Meg Thorne at Cut & Run
Producer: Maggie McDermott
Colour Grade: Jonny Tully at Big Buoy
Flame Artist: Richard Russell at Big Buoy
Post Producer: Hannah Whitehill
Sound Mix: Adam Smyth at String and Tins
Music by Forest Swords
Steadicam: Gary Kent
Focus Puller: Benjamin Smith
Gaffer: Nathan Matthews
Designer: Matthew Thomas
Production Assistant: Grace Mbugua
Runners: Jessica Cottam & Cameron Randall

Special Thanks
Common People Films
Cut and Run
Big Buoy
String and Tins
Forest Swords
Ninja Tunes
The Film Office


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13.11.19 by Kimi

Branko & Sango – “Hear From You” (ProfJam Remix)

Portuguese director Augusto de Fraga’s collaboration with Branko offers up an epic love story in a dystopian future. Set to ProfJam’s remix of Branko’s track with Sango and Cosima, “Hear From You” follows a lone soldier as he makes his way through war-torn buildings and enemy fire with a single destination in mind.


Directed by Augusto de Fraga
Produced by Krypton Films
With Rafael Morais
Cinematography: André Szankowski , AFC , AIP
Production Design: Carlos “Fofi” Cipriano
Editor: Marcos Castiel
Visual Effects by Musgo Studio
Sound design by Henrique Lima
Executive Producer: Alexandra Ribeiro
Costume Design: Sara Soares
Casting Director: Eva Queiroz de Matos
Post Production Coordinator: Neia Oliveira
First Assistant Director: Sergio Matos
Head of Production: Gil Andrade


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13.11.19 by Kimi

Beige-À-Coeur – “Brumaire”

Two roommates teeter on the edge of mundanity and madness in this wonderfully bizarre video for Montréal band Beige-À-Coeur. Directed by Ophélie Thiebault, “Brumaire” shifts abruptly between a seemingly innocent habit and its brutal consequences:

“The aim is to immerse the spectator in a state of trance, similar to that of a shaman performing a rite, the spectator will be transported into an unreal universe and will nevertheless take up the themes of our current society. The staging will be oriented towards a certain artificiality while keeping the dark, almost frightening characters.”


Music by Firas Nassri
Directed by Ophélie Thiebault
Actresses: Jessie Claude, Agnès Brunetière
DOP: Iris Marcesse
Editor: Lucas Salieri
Colorist: Simon Tristan
3D & GFX: Clément Pinczon Du Sel & Grégoire Gamichon
Gaffer: Valentin Guyard
Key Grip: Alex Alphandary
AC: Clovis Porcher
Photographer: Thomas Tom Dandine
MUA: Garance Charbonnier
Set Decorator Assistants: Léa Brette, Albane Ménard & Valentin Godineau


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12.11.19 by Kimi

“No Place to Hide” by Jeremy Leibovitch & Ahad Mahmood

Really nicely shot portrait of chef Fredrik Berselius by directors Jeremy Leibovitch and Ahad Mahmood (previously featured here). Working in an open kitchen surrounded by only ten tables, Berselius and his team deconstruct the traditional dining experience.


Directed by Jeremy Leibovitch & Ahad Mahmood
Produced by Jeremy Leibovitch
Photographed by Ahad Mahmood
Edited by Matt Morgan
Production Sound by Braulio Lin
Music By Jonathan Chapman
Color by Jared Rosenthal
Sound Design by Bobb Barito
Special Thanks: Samantha Herron, Fredrik Berselius, The Team at Aska, Mark Harrington
Shot on film at Aska in Brooklyn, New York


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12.11.19 by Kimi

Joywave – “Obsession” (Director’s Cut)

The director’s cut of Laura Gorun, Cooper Roussel and Dimitri Basil’s brilliant video for Joywave. “Obsession” features a series of flawlessly art-directed and styled title screens from fictional movies. Can’t tell which we like more here the cinematography or the title designs — definitely one of our favourites this year!


Chloe Hayward, Eliana Gil Rodriguez, Elektra Jansson Kilbey,
Caroline M. Wilson, Ryan Porter, Kayla Briann,
Laura Gorun, Memu Conteh, Matilda Price,
Lilah Summer, Brook Power, Rhino Barry Michaels,
Joeseph Lopez, John Estrada, Hardwood Gordon,
Ego Mikitas, Michel Keppel, Myles Cranford

Created & Produced by Laura Gorun Cooper Roussel & Dimitri Basil
Cinematographer: Marz Miller
1st: Bobby Pavlovsky
2nd Ac: Sergey Lobanov
Grip: Danny Roy
Color: Kaitlin Battistelli @ Ehtos Studio
Art Director: Domonique Basil / Clara Mouton
Stylist: Alexis Asquith
Line Producers:
Nina Jordan
Jeremy Young
PA: Jazmine Ritz
Stunt Coordinator: Rhino Barry Michaels


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12.11.19 by Kimi

Premiere: “Tears” by Jonathan Nelson

A unique collaboration from New York City-based director Jonathan Nelson and Monticello Park for the Campfire Poetry series. Bringing artists of different disciplines together within the framework of a classic poem, the project coalesces into an original composition that speaks to how certain emotions and themes transcend generations as well as how the act of passing something on, in the vein of campfire storytelling, can create new modes of expression and understanding.

For this instalment, Nelson is joined by dancer/choreographer Chalvar Monteiro as they explore a poem by Walt Whitman. Drawn to depictions of altered states of consciousness on film, Nelson takes on the blank canvas that is the spectrum of consciousness when we are in or around sleep to capture a man struggling with his innermost fears and insecurities:

“I feel lucky that the Campfire Poetry series from Monticello Park enabled me to use and explore dance as a dream state. I’ve always associated the art form with an ability to tap into a peculiar state of consciousness. It’s simultaneously experiential and performative: it feels good to the person doing it and it looks good (hopefully!) to whoever is watching. It’s the melding of performer and audience that makes dance particularly interesting, and when employed as a language to communicate the ineffable feeling of dreaming, there’s hardly a more beautiful form of expression.”

Watch “Tears” above and see full credits below!


Directed by Jonathan Nelson
Performed by Chalvar Monteiro
Based on a Poem by Walt Whitman
Produced by Max Rothman & JY Chun
Cinematography by Jonathan Nelson
Original Music by Leo Caruso
Gaffer: Alan Maxwell
Key Grip: Donavan Lambert
Steadicam Operator: Timothy Westover
Assistant Camera: Isaac Banks
Best Boy: Piotr Jagninski
Best Boy Grip: Nicholas Ellison
Art by Eric Conroe, Wilton Lewis, Sean Conroe, and Chloe Cerabona
Production Assistant: Clay Broaddus
Part of Monticello Park Productions’ Campfire Poetry Project


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11.11.19 by Kimi

“Montana, GA” by Ryan Dickie (Mature)

A weekend getaway takes a supernatural turn in this fun short by writer-director Ryan Dickie (previously featured here).


Lyn Mckimmey
Brad Goslee
David Young
Emery Chu

Writer/Director/Producer: Ryan Dickie
Producers: Abigail Horton, Thomas Wohlford
Co-Producer: Paul Horton
Cinematographer: Wyatt Garfield
Production Designer: Lauren Adams
1st Assistant Camera: Nikita Carpenter
Gaffer: Josh Jones
Key Grip: Chris Cox
Set Decorator: Ameera Al-Khaja
Location Sound: Thomas Doolittle
Special Effects Makeup: Izzi Galindo
Make-Up: Emily Schubert
Sound Designer: Colin Alexander
Music: David Young and Brian McComber
Editing and Visual Effects: Ryan Dickie


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11.11.19 by Kimi

“The Fell Runner” by Alex Simpson & Phillip Suddick

A nice portrait of fell runner Calum from Cumbria by London-based directors Phillip Suddick and Alex Simpson (previously featured here). Fell-running is a sport that involves running over mountains, with gruelling marathons of more than 20 miles. While considered a new school fell runner, Calum shares his relatively old fashioned reasons for doing what he does.


Directors: Alex Simpson & Phillip Suddick
DOP: Gavin Williams
Sound Recordist: Julian Tardo
Editor: Alex Simpson
Colourist: Alex Gregory @ The Mill


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11.11.19 by Kimi

Maslo Chernogo Tmina – “Kensshi”

Tons of great shots in this visual album for Maslo Chernogo Tmina by director Aisultan Seitov from Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Director: Aisultan Seitov
D.O.P.: Nikita Popkov, Azamat Dulatov, Sardar Baimoldin
Producer: Yerkebulan Kurishbayev
Executive producers: Ilya Stewart, Murad Osman, Ilya Dzhincharadze, Timur Smagulov
Edit: Miles Trahan, Wes Sanchez
Color: Yerlan Tanayev
VFX: Yelaman Buralkieff
Sound Design: Daryn Ady
Production Assistant: Anna Prots
Stylist: Aizat Sarsembayev
Makeup & Hair: Galiya Begeeva, Dinara Vinokurova
Production Designer: Dmitriy Kolodin
PD assistant: Lazarev Mikhail, Dauitbayev Timur,
Shpaltakov Mark, Dmitriy Kastorsky, Chirkin Pavel
Casting: Madina Zhanadilova
Casting Manager: Victoriya Gottlieb
Administration: Askar Satybayev, China Bogdanov, Askar Tulegenov, Anuar Bazargeldi
Drone pilot: Viktor Pushkin, Evgeniy Seleznev
Drone Operator: Alexander Starostin
Led Drone operator: Dmitriy Prudnikov
Виктор Пушкин Dron Pilot
HYPE production / QARA / Almaty 2019


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08.11.19 by Kimi

Surma – “Wanna Be Basquiat”

An engrossing experimental video for Surma by Portuguese artist and animator João Pombeiro (previously featured here). Built over the audio track, “Wanna Be Basquiat” follows an abstract narrative about industrial and suburban development, and the dream of prosperity, using hundreds of clippings from vintage images and film.

08.11.19 by Kimi

Lefa – “Mauvais”

Nice collaboration between French rapper Lefa and Paris-based director Akim Laouar Aronsen for Lefa’s upcoming album, Fame. Set in a futuristic world, “Mauvais” tells the story of a cyborg in search of his humanity.


Karim Fall
Elina Lipova
Vladimir Burkovsky
Alexander Polovets

Written & Directed by Akim Laouar Aronsen
Production: MYND
Executive Producer: Paul Le Baron
Line Producer: Hadrien Penavaire
DOP: Joe Cook
Service Production: Toy Pictures
Executive Producer: Lena Panasyuk
Line Producer: Natalia Trofimova
Production Manager: Tanya Loboda
Production Assistants: Julia Chernikova, Zarema Umerova
1st AD: Nadia Lyudchik
Art Director: Danya Dumbrovsky
Gaffer: Yarick Brayko
Location Manager: Dmitry Shevchenko
Stylist: Galya Sokolovskaya
Make Up: Natalia Dreshpan
Casting Manager: Maryna Turmanidze
Stunt Team: Coordinated by Illian Lurchyshyn
Steadicamer: Ruslan Bogdan
Post Production: Wanda
Post Producer: Vanessa KOSCIANSKI
Editor: Mark Maborough
Color Grader: Serginho Pasqualino Jr
Color Grader Assistant: François Miens
VFX Producer: Romain BOURZEIX
VFX Supervisor: David RODES
Concept Artist: Alexandre FERRA
Lead CG: Pierre BERGER
CG Artist: Tom JURY
VFX Compositor: Edouard CAULLET
VFX Compositor: Marjorie GRINDA
VFX Compositor: Ronan BROUDIN
Son Design: BMM Network
Sound Designer : Damien Tronchot
Creative Advisor: Lefa


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08.11.19 by Kimi

Pillow Queens – “Brothers”

Two friends stumble upon a device that freezes time in this lovely video by director Kate Dolan for Pillow Queens’ track “Brothers.” While initially using their newfound power for fun, they soon risk losing one another as it drives them apart:

“The lyrics in the verses show quick snapshots of the aftermath from a loss of a friend within a very tight knit group. An element of fear runs through the song as this sudden death makes you look around your group and feel terrified of the chances of another. It touches on a shared grief which drives you to hold dear the memories and moments you have with each other. While this song can be considered one about mourning, it’s ultimately about the intense love you have for your chosen family.”


Ryan Lincoln
Desmond Eastwood
Gemma Keenan
Paul Murphy
Chloe Grehane
Peter McGann
Achille Martone
Dylan Byrne
Ciara Greene

Producer: Karen Twomey
Director: Kate Dolan
1st AD: Eoin Canny
DOP: Evan Barry
Focus Puller: Luke Murphy Gilligan
1st AC: Laurent Murray
Editor/FX: John Cutler
Trainee AD/2nd AD: Roisin Little
DIT: Conor Fleming & Kate Barrett


This video was submitted by Kate Dolan and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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