22.03.19 by Kimi

Kit – “Where Does The Time Go”

So many fun shots and poses in this self-directed video for Kit’s track “Where Does The Time Go.” Featuring choreography by contemporary dancer Ariel Clarke, Kit expresses her personal liberation from religious indoctrination and patriarchy through a whimsical Wes Anderson-esque aesthetic:

“It is meant to be an empowering message that encourages independent thought and respect for each others’ journeys.”


Directed by Kit (Kat Albanese)
Choreographed by Ariel Clarke
Filmed by Jamie Thompson
Featuring: Mason Griffin, Ariel Clarke, Kit


This video was submitted by Kat Albanese and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

22.03.19 by Kimi

“Blue Hands” by Diyala Muir

A brilliant animation about grief and denial by London-based artist Diyala Muir (previously featured here). In “Blue Hands” a woman attempts to escape the ghosts of her past only to have them catch up with her on a night-bus to Nowhere. Sound by Marian Mentrup.

21.03.19 by Kimi

Premiere: “Zwiespalt” by Kris Lüdi & Gian Paul Lozza

A stunning short directed by Gian Paul Lozza and Kris Lüdi of Swiss collective Hillton. Featuring UK dancer William Moore, “Zwiespalt” explores the theme of inner conflict through the confrontational use of choreography, visual impression and music. Watch above and check out some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Production: HILLTON
Dancer: William Moore
Choreographer: William Moore
Concept: Gian Paul Lozza
Director: Kris Lüdi & Gian Paul Lozza
DOP: Pierre Castillo Bernad
AC: Matthias Kappeler
Focus Puller: Gregoire Tomat
Styling: Caroline Ziegler
Hair & Make up: Lena Fleischer
Editor: Kris Lüdi
VFX: Das Alte Lager
Color Grading: Colour Wolf
Colorist: Yves Roy Vallaster
Sound: “Le Tapis Pleure” by Alban Schelbert
Special thanks:
Cristalina SA Marzio Maurino
Scuola di Sculptura Peccia Alex Naef
Almute Großmann-Naef





Kris Lüdi’s Website

Kris Lüdi on Instagram

Gian Paul Lozza’s Website

Gian Paul Lozza on Instagram

HILLTON’s Website


21.03.19 by Kimi

“Kaholoʻāʻā” by Bradley Tangonan

A park ranger discovers his lineage to the Hawaiʻian goddess Pele in this beautiful portrait by Hawai’i-born, New York-based director Bradley Tangonan (previously featured here).


Featuring Park Ranger Keoni Kaholoʻāʻā
Director: Bradley Tangonan
DOP: Jeremy Snell
Creative Director: Vince Soliven
Copywriter: Eric Shearer
EP: Darrin Kaneshiro
Producer: Ashely Smith
Agency Producer: Jenni Katinsky
1st AC: Quinton Rodriguez
DIT: Mat Medeiros
Gaffer: Michael Ogasawara
Sound Recordist: Prahlad Strickland
PA: Louis Rodriguez
Editor: Nick Stone
Music: Jordan Wallace
Colorist: Ayumi Ashley / NTROPIC
Aerial/Lava: Salt + Air, Nella Media Group
Produced by Hawai’i Tourism Authority & MVNP
Special Thanks: Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park


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21.03.19 by Kimi

Showtek – “Momma” feat Earl St. Clair

A tale of men and their various mothers — birth mothers, mothers of their children, and mother earth — for Showtek and Earl St. Clair’s track “Momma” by Brooklyn-based director Bennett Johnson (previously featured here).


Sergio Acevedo
Evelyn Maria Dia
Noah Davis Pina
Jacob Roncevic
Jaymian Deleon
Carson Gartner
Andreas Pilatsikas
Matthew Brown
Jarrett Young
Malcolm Boyd
Tommy Sturges
Lauren Biazzo
Noriko Smiles

Directed by Bennett Johnson
Executive Producer: Evan Brown
Production Company: Dreambear
Producer: Kimmy D’Ancona
1st AD: Fiona Murgia
2nd AD/Key PA: Courtney Abbott
PA: James Bianchini
PA: Kim Lara King
DP: Kate Arizmendi
1st AC: Sachi Bara
2nd AC/Loader: Tom Van Skoyok
Gaffer: Geoff Taylor
Grip: Zach Frank
Swing: Javier Rodriguez
PD: Joe Sciaccia
Set Dresser: Brad Burke
Art PA: Abi Alanguilan
Art PA: Freddy Stevens
HMU: Sarah Bedrick
Costume Designer: Amit Gajwani
VFX Company: The Underground NY
Executive Producer: Yvonne Appolino
Lead Flame: Nic Seresin
Flame Assist: Lily Huang, Ben Williams
CG: Phuong Duc Pho
Color Co: The Underground NY
Colorist: Michael Lewicki
Edit Co: Wildchild Content
Executive Producer: Ali Webb
Editor: Richard Cooperman
Title Design: Bennett Johnson
Catering: Food for Crews
Thanks to Michael Paey


This video was submitted by Bennett Johnson and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

20.03.19 by Kimi

“Temporary short distance love affair” by Willemskantine (Mature)

Great look and tone to this fantastical meditation on young love by Dutch artist Willemskantine. As he describes the project:

“Temporary short distance love affair / 一時的な近距離恋愛 is a short film about the bubble of love 2 teenagers live in. Telling each other their dreams in french over the phone, while the viewer gets to see their real perspective on their wishes/dreams. Yet at the end of the video they choose to keep going how they are”


Written & Directed by Willemskantine
Cinematographer: Jan Koks
Editor & sound design: Jordy Pijper
Gaffer: Marien Simonsz
Music composer: Pieter Beugelink
VFX: Stan Oversteegen
Color grading: Thomas Potman
First AC’s: Peter Krijgsman & Peter Bazuin
Starring: Kosta, Zinzi, Lois, Bieneke & Tevin
Voices: Zaza van de Koppel & Passian Smit


This video was submitted by Willemskantine and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

20.03.19 by Kimi

Anna Marie Carey – “Spaceman”

A young woman reminisces about an old childhood friendship in this charming video for singer-songwriter Anna Marie Carey. Directed by Carsten Johnson and Christopher Behnen, “Spaceman” features a nice mix of 16/35mm film and hand-drawn visual effects.


Sally-Anne Hunt
Carlos Beckstrand
Kendra Alaura

Written by Christopher Behnen
Directed by Carsten Johnson & Christopher Behnen
Producer: Jared Myers
Cinematographer: Christopher Behnen
Art Direction: Dena Winter
Script Supervisor: Krista Rose Koester
1st AC: Ryan Johnson, Joe McNairy, Sophie Mayhew,
2nd AC: Mikki Dick, Daniel Humphrey, Spencer Nelson
Gaffers: Samuel Mayhew, Brandon Sandburg
Grip: Jordan Wipf, Isaac Carlton, Colton Fossen
Art PA: Zac Anderson
PA: Kennedy Kasperek
Editor: Christopher Behnen
Digital VFX: Jared Myers
Analog VFX: Christopher Behnen
Special Thanks:
Steve Speers, Cinequipt,
Chris Beales, Cinemechanics,
Mike Handley, Tasty Lighting,
Kodak Film Lab Atlanta
Anelace Coffee, Caitlin Shrestha,
Nate Anderson, Tim and Anna Behnen,
Steve and Denise Tousley,
West Photo, The Find Lab


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20.03.19 by Kimi

“Mind Mirror” by Meredith Hama-Brown

A paper man navigates a disorienting world in this intricate stop-motion by director and animator Meredith Hama-Brown. Shot on Super 8mm film, everything on screen is made entirely from paper (over 2000 hand-cut images). As Hama-Brown explains further:

“Although a highly visual piece, the film is meant to symbolize a feeling of time moving forward incessantly, and the anxiety that can come from this. At the core is the theme of mortality and how wondrous and terrifying it is all at once.”

Check out “Mind Mirror” above as well as some behind-the-scenes images below!


Directed and Animated by Meredith Hama-Brown
Director of Photography: Norm Li, csc
Executive Producer: Keith Rivers
Producer: Jordan Ardanaz, John & Linda MacDonald, Paolo Polesello
Song: “Mirrored Mind” by Phoenix Thunderbird
Design & Fabrication: Lisa Boulton, Tiffany Monk, Jess Guthrie, Brad Ishii
Additional Fabrication: Shea Oracheski, Laurel Thomson
Cast: Jordan Ardanaz & Beatrice King
Photo Printing: Vanprint
Processing: Niagara Custom Lab
Scanning: Lifetime Heritage Film

Laurel Thomson
Sara Blake
Sayla Friske
Cole Friske
Sophie Jarvis
Shea Oracheski
So Yeon Kim
Sarah Charrouf
Barbara Trace
Kat Kelsay
Kara Hornland

Special Thanks:
Peter Hagge
Glenn Suberlak
Devin Karringten
Andrew and Lili Brown
Glenn Karakochuk
Virginia Hama
Amy and Ray Li
Cole Friske
Tyler Udall
Alicia Eisen
Sophie Jarvis
Clif Prowse
Alex Wilson
Suzanne Friesen
Jeff Petry









Meredith Hama-Brown’s Website

Meredith Hama-Brown on Vimeo

Meredith Hama-Brown on Instagram


19.03.19 by Kimi

“Pocket” by Mishka Kornai & Zach Wechter (Mature)

A devastatingly realistic anti-coming-of-age story by directors Mishka Kornai and Zach Wechter (previously featured here). Designed specifically to be viewed on a smartphone with headphones, “Pocket” follows the year in the life of an American teen entirely from the perspective of his iPhone. While exploring the perils of adolescence isn’t exactly new, the combination of technology addiction and teenage sexual awakening is. As the directors state:

“For the majority of kids growing up today, their first experience with intimacy happens online, not in person, which represents a seismic shift in what it means to be a young person with a developing sexuality. The film is not seeking to make a moralistic judgement about Instagram or pornography, but when most kids are spending six hours a day in a space that includes this collision of soft porn and their yearbook, sexual objectification and commodification seems like a worrisome possibility.”


Directed by @mkornai & @pizzzach
Writers: @52_1ldjacks & @pizzzach
Producers: @mglasz & @pittman.music
Starring: @macecoronel
Executive Producer: @mrjeradw & @whitelist_tv
Cinematographer: @luke_or_lando
Production Designer: @tyewhipple
Editor: @_johnnychang
Post Sound: @zhoutato
Production Sound: @milkyneil
VFX: @strayngetv & Louis Roy
Casting: @stephaniekerbis
Assistant Director: @everythingsolo
Hair, Makeup AND Styling: Emily Jacobsen
Wardrobe Stylist: @shortyjeinberg
First AC: @peaks.ig
Rig Development & 3D Printing: @boasimon
Poster by @oneloquence


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19.03.19 by Kimi

Smoky Mo – “Moziarty”

Great energy to this video for Russian rapper Smoky Mo by New York City-based director Andrey Trevgoda. Shot in Moscow on 16mm film, “Moziarty” explores the idea of originality in a copy-paste, “hype-chasing” world.

“Each quatrain of a song is represented by a single shot scene that the viewer gets to see only once as a part of a video puzzle of subtext driven imagery.”


Concept & Direction: Andrey Trevgoda
Cinematographer: Aleksandr Dmitriev
Executive Producer: Alex Zhukov
Producer: Arina Kitova
Producer: Turan Kurbanov
Producers Assistant: Nikita Kucherov
1AD: Anton Ananin
2AD: Anton Shcherbinin
Casting: George Aglitskiy
Administrator: George Sorokin
Designers: Sveta Kobrakova, Sasha Nekifirova
Costumes: Aleksandra Mechnikova
1AC: Dmitriy Mannanikov
Steadycam: Stas Vaganov
Gaffers: Eugeniy Baranov, Aleksandr Aleshnikov
G&E: Konstantin Godyna, Vasiliy Korobkov, Roman Nikitskiy, Stas Galini
2AC/Loader: Andrey Fedin-Kruglyakov
Prop Master: Ilya Mestnik
HMU: Laura Khalamlieva
Dog Wranglers: Olesya Kriveleva
Edit & VFX: Andrey Trevgoda
Title Ambigram Design: Rustam Halilovich
Colorist: Anton Shcherbinin
Special Thanks: Sergey Krupa
Car Service: Roman Yafaev
Production: Ozio

Ilya Kortikov
Mariya Raevskaya
Kristina Lartseva
Sofiya Rtishcheva
Aleksandra Mechnikova
Vladimir Nikitenok
Vladislav Lukyanov
Aleksandr Urazaev
Jefry Lewis
Aleksandr Pashkov
Sergey Sirotkin
George Aglitskiy
Nikita Kucherov
Anton Shcherbinin


This video was submitted by Andrey Trevgoda and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

19.03.19 by Kimi

“Howls” by Jiajie Yu

A haunting experimental short by Barcelona-based director Jiajie Yu (previously featured here). Created as part of Yu’s online course on experimental filmmaking and a tribute to David Lynch, “Howls” follows a young woman’s trip to a solitary cabin in the woods. Structuring the atmosphere and aesthetic to convey alienation and madness, sound and image are intended to generate a hypnotic tone that is disturbing yet beautiful at the same time.


Starring Yuna Miralles
Written & Directed by Jiajie Yu
Director of Photography: Marcos Del Villar
Gaffer: Mario Lerma Cruz
Art Director: Ricardo Meneses
Costume Designer: Cristina Ximémez de Olaso
Editor: Pau Luzon
Colorist: Julia Rossetti
Sound Designer: Anqi He
Graphic Designer: Tasio


This video was submitted by Jiajie Yu and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

19.03.19 by Kimi

No Vacation – “Yam Yam”

Nice mix of visuals in this video for No Vacation’s track “Yam Yam” by San Francisco-based director duo Luke Lasley and Patrick Sean Gibson aka BOREDOM.


Directed by BOREDOM
Production Company: Little Moving Pictures
Producer: Jeremy Summer
DP (Digital): Tyler McPherron
DP (Film): Joshua Pausanos
1st AC: William Dauel
2nd AC: Ashley Valenzuela
Data Manager: Brandon Smith
Gaffer: Clay Kerri
Key Grip: Ben Little
Best Boy Electric: Lukas Zanoli
Best Boy Grip: Mina Stollery
Swing: Joe Barrett
Swing: Neil Kelly
Dolly Grip: Anders Ericcson
Art Lead: Keri Shewmaker
Art Lead (Balloon Set): Laura Siân Morris
Art Assistant: Alexa Martinez
Art Assistant: Savanah Assisi
Art Assistant: Justin Aragon
Art Assistant: Annie O’Hare
Art Assistant: Jacki Kirchner
Art Runner: Quio Rosewood
Floor Painter: Michelle Nguyen
Prop Letterer: Joshua Michael Diaz
Bubble Artist: Colin The Wizard
Wardrobe Stylist: Autie Carlisle
Wardrobe Assistant: Bailey Meyer
Hair/Makeup: Christina Costa
Assistant Director: Vee Godinez
Set PA: Justin Kohlberg
Set PA: Jason Maze
Editor: Caleb Stumpfl
Colorist: Ayumi Ashley
Visual Effects Artist: Noe Chavez
Visual Effects Artist: Ky Newman


This is just one of the many delightful submissions we’ve received in the past week. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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