06.12.19 by Kimi

“Luna” by Giovanni Bolzani Valenzano

A lovely ode to motherhood by London-based director Giovanni Bolzani Valenzano (previously featured here). Choreographed by Greta O’Brien Vial and set to music by Piet Row aka Pietro Marchesi, “Luna” follows the nightly adventures of a single working mom as imagined by her young daughter. As Valenzano explains:

“The video portrays Luna’s dream, a little girl whose mum, Greta, is single and has to work late night shifts at a children’s hospital. Luna dreams of her mum as a magical and fierce creature.This music video is a little tale of the moment in our life’s before we see our parents simply as people. The video delves into a kids perception of her mothers daily life.”


Greta O’Brien Vial
Faye Stoeser
Kasichana Okene-Jameson

Directed by Giovanni Bolzani Valenzano
Choreography by Greta O’Brien Vial
Cinematography by Jack Hamilton
Art Director: Elena Muntoni
Editor: Jay Kevin Composta
Colourist: Caroline Morin @Wash
Artist: Piet Row (Pietro Marchesi)
Composer: Aljosa Zovko
Produced by Lewis O’Loughlin
1st AD: Rachel Kaden
Production Manager: Julia Florek
Art Assistant: Katie Esther South
Make Up Artist: Grace Ellington
Production Company: Kangarou, APi
Gaffer: Vini Curtis
1st AC: George Phull
2nd AC: Carmen Pellon Brussosa
Steadicam Operator: Rupert Peddle
Spark: Dan Burns
Sound Recordist: John Ryder
Runner: Jack O’Loughlin

Special Thanks:
Hannah Joseph-Fletcher, London Transport Museum, Grace O’Brien,
Clara O’Brien Vial, Ella May Kirby, Bryan Lim,
OB Management, Josh Gan, Angela Bolzani, Luca Bolzani, Enrico Tessarin


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06.12.19 by Kimi

Joep Beving’s “Anamnesis & Henosis” by Michaël I. Sewandono

A beautiful collaboration between director Michaël I. Sewandono and Dutch composer/pianist Joep Beving. Set to tracks “Henosis” and “Anamnesis,” the film follows multiple characters, unwittingly mimicking each other across time and space. While leading separate lives, each individual shares an inner voice and innate knowledge that parallels the way Beving seeks to establish deeper connections between those he describes as “wondering souls” through his music.


Chutima Boonkarnchanarat
Rachata Singchan
Tanya van Graan
Graham Clarke
Al Imran Karim

Music by Joep Beving
Directed by Michaël I. Sewandono
Produced by Czar Amsterdam, MediaMonks Singapore, Lynx Indonesia

Cape Town:
Producer: Marius van de Weerd, Czar Amsterdam
Production: David Leite and Helen Atty, WithMilk Films
Camera: Martijn van Broekhuizen, nsc
Art Department: Simon McLoughlin, James Mudzingwa, Ebrahim Ishmael

Producer: Kep Bruinsma, Media Monks Singapore
Production: Sasit Sean Suvanadesa
Camera: Michaël I. Sewandono

Producer: Rob O’Hare, Lynx Films
Production: Jo Lydia, Kathleen Malay
Camera: Michaël I. Sewandono
Colour: Cem Ozkilicci @Uhoert
Post-Production: Paal Rui @Imposter, William E. Schaad, Robert Jota @Uhoert
Natura* footage by Floris Schönfeld, John Treffer

Music: Anamnesis
Written and Performed by Joep Beving
Produced, recorded and mixed by Gijs van Klooster
Music: Henosis
Written by Joep Beving
Ensemble Orchestration by Max Knoth
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Gijs van Klooster
Electronics Joep Beving
Ensemble Echo Collective
Engineer Pierre Dozin, Gijs van Klooster
Mastered by Zino Mikorey
Executive Producer / A&R: Christian Badzura, Deutsche Grammophon


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06.12.19 by Kimi

“Pilgrims” by Jeremy Snell

Stunning footage from the Kumbh Mela Hindu pilgrimage by Brooklyn-based director and cinematographer Jeremy Snell (previously featured here). Shot in Allahabad and Varanasi earlier this year, “Pilgrims” is a meditative look at an event that sees an estimated 120 million people gather between January and March. The historic pilgrimage only occurs once every 6 and 12 years, and is the largest gathering of humans on the planet.


Director & DOP: Jeremy Snell
Editor: Dylan Edwards
Score & Soundscape: James William Blades
Color: Joseph Bicknell (Company 3)
Titles: Alec Wiens
Production Company: Kamalan
Executive Producer: Dheeraj Reddy
Special Thanks:
Vikash Shivram, Ananya Hazarika, Bradley Tangonan,
Joris Debeij, Matthew Firpo, Joshua Ecevarria, Metpost
Shot on: Kodak Film


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05.12.19 by Kimi

Miranda Johansen – “vos, sinuoso”

So many creative elements in this video for Miranda Johansen’s track “vos, sinuoso.” Directed by Johansen and Bruno Adamovsky of Buenos Aires-based collective La Casa de al Lado:

“The serpentine path of self discovery and realization appears to be a dream. Not necessarily a bad or a good dream, but one of multiplicity and illusion. Through her new song, Miranda channels all her possibilities, as she gives us hope for what’s to come. The video, in its own way, reminds us to be present and perceptive, and not cave in to appearances.”


Miranda Johansen
Lola Piñero
Josefina Barrionuevo
Delfina Dotti

Directed by Miranda Johansen & Bruno Adamovsky
DOP: Malu Boruchowicz
Producer: Diego Río
1st AD: Rafael Nir
Art Direction: Carmen Rivoira
Camera: Bruno Adamovsky
1st Camera Assistant: Pedro Adamovsky
2nd Camera Assistant: Tomas Curland
Gaffer: Camila Scarzello
Electric Boy: Facundo Amanzi
Second Unit: Anita Piñero
Choreography: Margarita Molfino
Art Assistant: Julieta Falcón
Styling: Luli Farrell
Make Up: Ines Pizarro y Mora Burset
Edit: Regina Cei
VFX: Sarto
Color Correction: Alejandra Lescano
Title & Credit Design: Josefina Alen
Production Assistants: Tomas Vardy, Lucas Cosentino


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05.12.19 by Kimi

Haski & Tmin – “Kill Me” (Mature)

Death takes the form of a beautiful woman (Alexandra Cherkasova-Sluzhitel) in this video for Russian rappers Haski and Maslo Chernogo Tmina by writer-director Lado Kvataniya (previously featured here). “Kill Me” follows Haski and Tmin as they perform a series of mystical rituals to go on a date with Death, as Kvataniya explains:

“The whole video is a metaphor about the inability to find peace, necessary understanding and personal fulfilment in real life. The clinical death of both protagonists should not be taken literally. This is a transition, an intended escape which can be compared to a dream or a fairy tale, the world of fantasies where we often build castles in the air but where we can never get into.”

Warning: Some viewers may find the themes and imagery in this video disturbing.


Written & Directed by Lado Kvataniya
Director of Photography: Kirill Groshev
Producer: Arseniy Zyabbarov
Production Manager: Vladimir Ivanov
Producer Assistant: Vlad Pritulyak
Producer Assistant: Firuz Mukhidov
Line Producer: Aliya Kosaeva
Edit: Vladislav Yakunin
Title: Anton Reva
Sound: Vladimir Elizarov
Colorist: Sofie Borup
Sound Design: Vladimir Elizarov
Lipstick Animation: L.K. & V.Y.
Polaroid Shots: A.Z.
Art Director: Dmitry Kolodin
Wardrobe Stylist: Akbope Abdrash
MUAH: Nargiz Aminova
Art Director Assistants: Mirha Katoya, Zoya Khorosheva, Mikhail Lazarev,
Mark Shpaltakov, Pavel Chirkin, Dmitry Kastorskiy, Edgar, Sema
1st AC: Ruslan Osipov
Camera Assistant: Victor Saratov
Gaffer: Sultan Kakimbekov
Lights Equipment: Cinerental Kazakhstan, Abylaikhan Ashimov
Electricians: Ruslan Salamov, Alexey Zhukavkin, Konstantin Tsoy,
Esengeldi Meldebekov
Stuntman Team: Kazakhunion Action Team
Stuntman Master: Baurzhan Abishev
Stuntmans: Erkin Mekebaev, Tilebaldy Serikazy


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04.12.19 by Kimi

“White Rock Skate” by Mary Dauterman

A delightfully offbeat short by Brooklyn-based director Mary Dauterman (previously featured here). Co-written alongside frequent collaborator Jenny Donheiser and starring Blair Beeken, “White Rock Skate” follows a delusional woman’s desperate attempt to resurrect an abandoned skating rink.


Directed by Mary Dauterman
Written by Mary Dauterman & Jenny Donheiser
Starring Blair Beeken
Cinematography: Kenny Suleimanagich
Producer: Alex Luprete
First Assistant Camera: Davin Fitch
Sound Recordist: Francesco Iscaro
Additional Sound: Steven Veveto
Gaffer: Axle Alarcon
Grip: Alicja Zapalska
Production Design: Brittany Ingram
Set Decorator: Shannon Hardison
Colorist: Seth Ricart
Sound Mix: Kieran Kaye
Edit: Mary Dauterman
Music: The Polyphonic Spree
Music Supervision: Nargis Sheerazie


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04.12.19 by Kimi

Sam Wise – “Birdseye View”

Nice visuals in this video for Sam Wise by Prague-based director Petr Simon of Stink Films. Cinematography by Dušan Husár (previously featured here).


Production Company: Stink Films
Executive Producer: Klára Králíčková, Petra Lencki
Line Producer: Michael Šroubek, Dominika Tapajčíková
Production Manager: Lilli Tvrzová
Director: Petr Simon
DOP: Dušan Husár
Production Designer: TOP Services – Tomáš Bukáček, Vojtěch Kálecký
1st AD: Janek Palovský
1st AC: Honza Kolář
2nd AC: Jan Ruttner
Ronin Operator: Filip Rybář
Grip Assistants: Richard Krejza, Vladislav Duben
Drone Operator: Vojtěch Pollák
Wardrobe: Marek Volf
MUA: Sara Skrionya
Gaffer: Miroslav Jaroš
Electricians: Adam Rigo, Ladislav Grosl
Stunts Coordinator: Jirka Kuba
Animal Handlers: Jáchym Bareš a Jakub Dobrovolný
Catering: Bistro Paralela – Eliška Šíchová
Runner: Martin Pufler
Photographer: Hana Knížová
Editor: Katarína Gramatová
VFX: Filip Látal
Grading Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson – A52
Colorist: Daniel de Vue – A52

Special Thanks:
Vantage Film Prague | Jindřich Čipera
Střecha Lucerny | Jiří Jelínek, Ondřej Kobza
Pragovka | Barbora Kailová
GES Group | Ivana Hejcmanová
SBD Praha 5 | Iva Kabrlová, Jana Valová
Fauna Film | Ota Bareš
Jan Beran | Lokační.cz
Martin Březina


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04.12.19 by Kimi

“PAMPAS” by Jessica Bishopp

A unique hybrid documentary by London-based director Jessica Bishopp (previously featured here). Commissioned by Channel4 Random Acts, “PAMPAS” explores the truth behind a botanical urban legend.

“Sexual signalling and suburban myth; what does your front garden say about you? Plants were used in 1970s suburbia to send seductive signals to neighbours or so rumour has it.”


Directed by Jessica Bishopp
Produced by Louisa Plumstead
Featuring Naomi Shimada
Cinematographer: Anna MacDonald
Edit: Zsófi Tálas
Music: Hollie Buhagiar
Production Design: Anna Papa
Costume Design: Amy Thompson
Commissioned by Channel4 Random Acts


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03.12.19 by Kimi

Jessie Reyez – “Far Away”

Toronto-based director Peter Huang’s video for Jessie Reyez’s track “Far Away” takes aim at Trump’s immigration policies and forced deportation through a dramatic visualization exploring the trauma of being separated from the ones you love.


Director: Peter Huang
Executive Producer: Mauricio Ruiz
Producer: Katy Maravala
Production Manager: Gabriel Badejo
DP: Kristofer Bonnell
Gaffer: Sam Lebel-Wong
Grip: Cliff Ramnauth
Editor: Laura McMillan
VFX: Ryan Freer
Colourist: Conor Fisher
Production Designer: Noelle Hindi
Make up: Alison Sharp
Stylist: Steph Major
Stunt Coordinator: Chino Ramirez
Production Company: Mad Ruk


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03.12.19 by Kimi

“Living Here” by Sarah Baril Gaudet

A beautifully meditative portrait of an intensely solitary place by Montréal-based director and cinematographer Sarah Baril Gaudet. Particularly love the way the pacing parallels the descriptions of what it’s like to live there! As Gaudet states: “Living Here is a story made of solitude and wind, told with the poetry of Nunavik’s toundra and young Martha’s words.”


Director & Cinematographer: Sarah Baril Gaudet
Producer: Audrey Fallu (La Cabane)
Editor: Justine Gauthier
Sound Designer: Jordan Valiquette
Sound Recordist: Justine Gauthier
Music Composer: Wiktor Tyrchan
Sound Mixer: Serge Boivin (ONF)
Online Editor: Serge Verreault (ONF)
Translators: Monica Ezekiel, Caroline Oweetaluktuk
Distribution: Spira


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02.12.19 by Kimi

Saro – “Nothing Remains”

Lovely look to this video for Saro by Los Angeles-based director Alex Cook (previously featured here). An exploration of the words and feelings that go unspoken, “Nothing Remains” speaks to the ability of music and art to express the things so often left buried in our own inner worlds. As Saro explains:

“I wrote ‘Nothing Remains’ about the anger stage of mourning a loss. When I lost something so close to me with no explanation, it felt like all I could do was attempt to scream away the pain. I wanted the music video to embody the healing properties of music and how I use it as an escape from reality. Music can truly make it feel like the whole world freezes for a moment.”


Director: Alex Cook
Producer: Katy Cook
Director of Photography: Corey C. Waters
Production Designer: Mollie Wartelle
Editor: Mike Metzler
1st AC: Seth Lawrence
2nd AC: Sergey Nikitenko
Gaffer: Eli DiFiore
Key Grip: Kelley Nesper
Grip: Anthony Minassian, Rahul Biruly, Matt Kloker
Actors: Cynda McElvana, Kelly Ryan, Halleta Alemu


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02.12.19 by Kimi

Mattiel – “Millionaire”

Nice director’s cut of Mattiel’s track “Millionaire” by directors Alimzhan Alan Sabir and Matthew Addington (previously featured here). Shot documentary-style at a county fair in Forsyth County, GA, the result is a subtle commentary on our entertainment-seeking culture:

“The need for instant gratification is a very American, western-world thing. No matter the mental or physical cost, entertainment is always readily available. But funny enough, inside this huge funfair of rides and games, a lot of the people there didn’t look entertained at all.”


Shot & Directed by Alimzhan Alan Sabir & Matthew Addington
Produced by Mattiel Brown & Matthew Addington
Song by Swilley, Brown, Michael


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