A lovely piece from Cristabelle García featuring the Grand Marshals of this year’s Pride celebration in San Francisco. “Voices of Pride” blends together personal stories and reflections, as well as interpretive movements by dancer Tajh Stallworth, to tell the story of the Pride journey on both an individual and a collective level.


Production Company: Pocket Pictures
Director: Cristabelle García
Executive Producer: Luke Tate

Tajh Stallworth (Dancer/Performer)
Melonie Green and Melorra Green (2021 Community Grand Marshal)
Akira Jackson (2021 Community Grand Marshal)
Joe Hawkins of the Oakland LGBTQ Community Center (2021 Organizational Grand Marshal)
Morey Riordan (2021 Community Grand Marshal)
Clair Farley (2021 Community Grand Marshal)
Nicole Santamaría (2021 Community Grand Marshal)


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