In “Drone Pilot Has a Crisis Of Conscience”, writer/director David Ehrenreich finds magic in the minutiae of drone racing. The short film is delightfully quirky and a perfect example of his ability to find beauty in the mundane.

Ehrenreich explains, “My friend Elan told me that she wanted to be a Drone Pilot and asked if I had any tips. Because I’m not a Drone Pilot either, I started wondering if Drone Racing would be a fulfilling hobby for her and what a Drone race might actually look like. I enjoyed the fantasy of a regional race circuit, rich with quotidian drama, where the who’s who of the outliers could band together over their shared love of speed and the FPV experience.”


Jasha Vincent

Oscar Vardes, Dave Ehrenreich and Jeremy Cox

Mona Fani and Dan Code

Caleb Ford and Jeremy Cox



Jasha Vincent
Kaylah Zander
Brad MacNeil
Victor MacNeil

Written and Directed – David Ehrenreich
Produced – Dan Code
Cinematography – Jeremy Cox
1st AC – Jared Boyce
Sound Design – Eugenio Battaglia
Wardrobe – Lovisa Drever
FPV Experts & Cameras – Ignacio Romero & Kyle Isbelle
Production Sound – Oscar Vardes
Editor – David Ehrenriech
Colour – Sam Gilling
Production Designer – Emily Lemare
Title Design – Mona Fani
Grip / Lx – Caleb Ford, Evan Bourque, Kate Fobert, Mona Fani, Jacob Parsons
Sign Design – Dave Galloway
Sign Painter – John Stewart
Course Construction – Benny Zenga
Drone VTR – Dane Collison


Katayoon Yousefbigloo
Nate Holt
Ben Gulliver
Jaclyn McClements
Asami Tsukada
Marisa Holmes
Nick Short
Gideon Hay
Fiona Raven
Adhel Arop
Ignacio Romero
Kyle Isbelle
Ouro Collective
& More!


“The Right Traps”
Written & Performed by Aiden Ayers

“Prism Leaves”
Written by Malcom Biddle
Performed by Dada Plan

“Favorite T-Shirt”
Written & Performed by Boothman

“Don’t Become The Thing You Hated”
Written by Dan Bejar
Performed by Destroyer



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