Love the strange tone to this video for Modeselektor’s track with Catnapp by director Maximilian Villwock. Produced by Berlin-based Goodhouse Films, “Dating is in China” was shot in Kyiv, Ukraine and captures three men and a young boy performing acrobatic gymnastics on a high-rise building. While the boy is the centre of the group, its leader is a hero of a distant world in the clouds.


Acrobatic Gymnasts & Choreography:
Yuriy Savka
Stanislav Kukurudz
Yurii Push
Taras Yarush

Production Company: Goodhouse Films
Director: Maximilian Villwock
Director of Photography: Moritz Matlik
Executive Producer: Leonel Dietsche, Ruben Meier
Producer: Oleksii Zolotariov
Editor: Emma Backman
Additional Editing: Vigdís Erla / S EC Studio
Color Grading: Jonny Thorpe / Glassworks London
Post Production Coordinator: Gwen Teichmann
Credits Design: Annegret von Feiertag
Commissioned by Matthias Klein C/O Magick Goodhouse Films Production
Special thanks to S EC Studio & Glassworks VFX London


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