Nice one-take video for Mcevoy by Vancouver-based filmmaker Nano Clow (previously featured here) and dp Cole Graham. Shot on 35mm in the early morning light of British Columbia, “The Leaves” follows a serene yet slightly surreal kidnapping story, as Clow describes:

“the one-take lures the viewer along as the picturesque mountains shift in the background and Mcevoy’s lyrics appear like karaoke in the wild. The only cut appears suddenly at the very end as Mcevoy is found buried in a pile of leaves like an object in a museum.”


Director/Producer: Nano Clow
Executive Producers: Sophia Biedka, Luis Guerra
Director of Photography: Cole Graham
Gaffer: Evan West
Title Design: Mihailo Andic
VFX: Riley Gray
Colourist: Sam Gilling
Production Company: Mossom Media


BTS photos by @skimchi


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