A grim post-apocalyptic tale by Vancouver-based director Nano Clow. Written by Dylan Schmid and produced by King Louie Palomo, “The Loneliest Boy in the World” follows a young man (played by Schmid) through his day to day life as the last person on earth. Despite having everything he needs physically, his thoughts become the greatest threat to his survival. As Clow states, the film is a meditation on the things we need (or think we need) in order to be fulfilled:

“This short film is important to me and Dylan because it digs into some problems most of us encounter. The inability to accept and move on. The inability to look outside the box. The inability to achieve our greatest goals, while being blinded by greed. Being blinded by the need to feel loved, safe, and comfortable. The passion for our film was a possible solution. The film features a boy in present day living in an extinct world where materialistic things are never good enough. He fights isolation, but the true obstacles come from memories and dreams of a past lover. We follow his constant inner battle of self love, being loved, or finding any TRUE connection at all.”


Director/EP: Nano Clow
Writer/EP: Dylan Schmid
Producer: King Louie Palomo
Starring: Dylan Schmid, Kaitlyn Bernard
Cinematographer: Joseph Schweers
Production Designer: Aniya Godden
1st AD: Ken Sasaki
2nd AD: Laurent Piche
Production Assistant: Diane Lee
1st AC: Mark Levinson
Gaffer/Grip: Simon Huculiak
Sound Recordist: Francisco Castellanos
Hair and Makeup: Becca Randle
Armorers: Dan Saworski, Jeannie Jimenez
Catering & Craft Services: Krista Bernard
Editor: Simon Huculiak, Nano Clow
DI Colorist: Joseph Schweers
Composer: Cayne Mckenzie
Sound Edit & Designer: Christopher Clark, Rootchord Sound
VFX Provided by: Pixel Perfect VFX

Produced by King Louie Films Productions
Produced in Association with Book Club Classics
Produced in Cooperation with the UBCP


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