Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit perform “Postcard” live at the Rebel Hearts Club. Hosted by Johanna and Klara Söderberg’s uncle (television personality Kristofer Lundström), this is just 1 of 6 performances captured on a beautiful old beta cam by the same crew behind the duo’s latest videos — “It’s a Shame” and “Fireworks” — that is: director Mats Udd, cinematographer Viktor Skogqkvist and producer Petra Krigström. Watch “Postcard” above and click here to see the rest of the recordings!


Directed & Edited by Mats Udd
DOP: Viktor Skogqvist
Producer: Petra Krigström
Executive Producer: Alexandros Bakos
Gaffer: Peter Övgård
Sound Recording/Mixing: Benkt Söderberg
Costume: Freja Berglund
Set Designer: Sebastian Selmer
MUA: Sarah Grundén
Hair: Soley Astudottír
Tech Assistant: Hasse Lind, Dagsljus.
PA: Philip Bergman
Online: Patrik Janson
Catering: Johanna i Köket


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