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First Aid Kit recreate an American high school prom in their hometown of Stockholm for their latest music video. Directed by Mats Udd (previously featured here), “Fireworks” marks Udd’s fourth video for the Swedish folk duo.


Director: Mats Udd
Producer: Petra Krigström
Executive Producer: Alexandros Bakos
DoP: Viktor Skogqvist
Set Design: Pia Wallin
Production manager: Alina Grön
Editor: Mikael Hallmans
Stylist: Freja Berglund
Stylist First Aid Kit: Mikaela Hållén
Hair First Aid Kit: Sandra Svensson
Mua First Aid Kit: Sarah Grundén
Stylits Assistant Extras: Charlotte Suden Barbotin
Mua Extras: Amanda Svensson
Focus Puller; Jesper Wahlqvist
Colorist: Martin Steinberg & Nicke Jacobsson
VFX: Patrik Janson
FAD: Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson
SAD: Therese Adela Petterson
Gaffer: Peter Övgård
Best boy: Oskar Lundh
Steadi cam operator: Nestor Salazar
Technical Assistant: Hugo Nilsson
Video Commissioner: Saul Levitz
Set Designer: Philip Bergman, Cecilia Hägglund & Matilda Sveningsson
PA Runner: Josh Atlas, Alice Lindén
Catering: Johanna i Köket
Actors: Thomas Stenström, Hannes Fohlin
Henrik Nyblom, Anna Söderberg


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