A young flight attendant muses over her lover on the other side of the world in this intimate visual poem by director Theo Le Sourd (previously featured here). Set in New York during the pandemic, “Sometimes I Wonder” follows Josephine through the warm days of Spring and hints of a looming heartbreak.


Written & Directed by Theo Le Sourd
Featuring: Pauline Abram
Voice-Over: Cassandra Due
Cinematographer: Sachi Bahra
Producer: Jacob Gottlieb
Editor: Theo Le Sourd
Music: Csisterna
Sound Designer: Raphaël Ajuelos
Color Grading: Josh Bohoskey
Post-producer: Evan Bauer

The Mill
The Sodium Ranch
Metropolis Post

Thank you: Zach Sullivan, Carly Smith, Paige Melkerson,
Angourie Rice, Sophie & Philippe Le Sourd,
The Bahra Family, Natasha Le Sourd, Maggie Broders,
Jack Rizzo, Hailey Chitembar, Ian Bostick


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