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A once-passionate relationship passes into memory in this video for Gaspar Narby and D.A.N’s track “Sight” by New York City-based director Theo Le Sourd of creative duo Les Mauvais Garçons. As Le Sourd describes the project:

“It’s a visual poem through the colors and mirrors of New York. The regrets, the memories, and the present all dance together. He’ll try to not look back, trying to flee any sights of her, but can he?”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Starring Sarah Pauley & Kai Kenyettie
Directed by Theo Le Sourd
Produced by Theo Le Sourd & Charles Letessier
Cinematographer: Sachi Bahra
Casting Director: Camille Orders
Editor: Camilla Hayman
Format: S16


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