An intimate look at the experiences of UK-based Filipino nurses by director Patrick Taylor (previously featured here). “Nars” (‘nurse’ in Tagalog) celebrates Filipino culture and the country’s role as the largest exporter of nurses worldwide. Set against the backdrop of the current pandemic, the film combines scrap-book like collages with Super 8 visuals to illustrate the Philippines’ emphasis on family, care-based culture, as well as the treatment of Filipino nurses within the NHS. As Taylor explains further:

“‘Nars’ was conceived as a way to learn more about my heritage and to feel closer to my Mother, a Filipino nurse within the NHS, and to better understand her path and choices. With the onslaught of COVID-19, it became abundantly clear that a lot of BAME healthcare workers were suffering and dying, and in particular Filipino nurses. Naturally this imbues a level of concern for one’s Mother, and with this, I wanted to pay tribute to her, and to dissect some of the thoughts and theories behind these deaths, whilst exploring the racial marginalisation these nurses face.”

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Director, Editor, Collage Artist: Patrick Taylor
DOP: Adam Singodia
Composer: Johnny Lillis
Sound Mix: Ines Adriana
Telecine: on8mil
Production Company: Satellite
Executive Producer(s): Edwin Mingard, Elizabeth Benjamin
a SKIP/INTRO commission from SATELLITE supported by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND


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