An intimate exploration of the joys and challenges of being mixed race by London-based filmmaker Patrick Taylor. Of mixed heritage himself, “Faces” is a personal project for Taylor as he’s experienced firsthand how belonging to two or more cultures comes with its own unique anxieties:

“Growing up can be difficult. The body is inescapable, and so is the power that others have over it. Many mixed race individuals teeter between cultures, not feeling they belong to either. Oftentimes, they choose to identify with the country of their upbringing through ease and default. Such identity issues can leave you feeling guilty and confused. ‘Who am I? What am I?’ These questions run deep. I felt it important to explore these elements as part of the healing process, to finally close the gap on who I am, and why I am.”


Director & Editor: Patrick Taylor
DOP: Katie Iles-Spencer
1st AC: Andrew Alexander
2nd AC: Rory Campbell
Composer: Johnny Lillis

Faustine Ghislain
Lawrence Brown

Naomi Harrington
Laylah Amirchih
Nina Robinson
Patrick Taylor


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