Nice look and feel to this video for Rudy De Anda by director Adam Neustadter (previously featured here). Starring Sydney Schaefer, “Helado” follows Rudy as he relocates to Chicago while still reflecting on the girl of his dreams back in LA. As Neustadter states:

“We shot Sydney as sort of a fantasy version of his ex, dancing on a bridge over the LA River at magic hour while dressed as a mariachi. This polished dream-like thread is contrasted by more intimate moments with Rudy in Chicago. LA was captured on Panavision glass, while I shot Chicago with vintage zoom lenses to give it more of a documentary feeling.”


Director: Adam Neustadter
DP: Jay Swuen (LA)/ Adam Neustadter (Chicago)
AC: Fernando Lopez
Editor: Adam Neustadter
Production: Tom Sykes


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