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A simple job takes an ugly turn in this video for Chilean producer Barretso by Paris-based director Annabelle Rodicq (previously featured here). “Alright” follows two young men on a late night mission to retrieve a mysterious package from a grocery store.


Starring Guillaume Duhesme & Nicolas Girard-Michelotti
Directed by Annabelle Rodicq
Producer: Annabelle Rodicq
Production Assistant: Emma Séméria
DOP: Giovanni Quene
1st AC: Octave Maria
2nd AC: Charles Droudun-Moosmayr
Drone operator: Robin Lagaf
Gaffer: Julien Rabia
Logistics: Rémy Bernard
Driver: Alain Rodicq
MUA: Mélissa Landron
Grocer: Alexandre Lebienheureux
Aggressor 1: Jérémie Pernin
Aggressor 2: Dimitri Coudray
Editor: Annabelle Rodicq
Assistant Editor: Enzo Chanteux
Assistant Editor: Francisco Cofré
Grading: Valentin Damon
Mastering: Black Vitamina


This video was submitted by Annabelle Rodicq and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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