A lovely debut short from Paris-based writer and director Annabelle Rodicq. Shot in June of last year, “Infini Provisoire” (Provisional Infinity) is a fatalist meditation on love, told to the person who will break your heart. While capturing the initial intensity and hope of a new relationship, the film focuses on the distress and disillusionment of its demise. As Rodicq shared with us:

“After a breakup and no idea of what to do with my life, I decided to write this short film and ended up shooting it with people who were willing to work for this project and believed in me even if I had no experience in this industry or studied cinema. I do not pretend that I am or want to become a director, I just needed to make this movie to have a purpose at a point in my life where I felt empty.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Starring Benjamin Douba Paris & Annabelle Rodicq
Written & Directed by Annabelle Rodicq
Line Producer: Emma Séméria
Production Manager: Ambre Lellouche
Assistant Director: Inès Renai
Script Girl: Virginie Caussin
Music: Barretso
Director of Photography: Giovanni Quene
1st Assistant Camera: Camille le Mercier
2nd Assistant Camera: Florian Miot Bruneau, Andres Gomez
Best Boy Grip: Yoan Tintin Amouroux
Electrician: Gabriel Boutet
Boom Operator: Julien Javaux
Sound Mixer: Francisco Cofré
Editing: Jean Nicolas Deniau, Annabelle Rodicq
Logistics: Anaïs Brenneval, Alain Rodicq
Make-up Artist: Loreleï Gicquel
Colorist: Robin Risser
Subtitles: Shandra Sellam, Annabelle Rodicq

Special Thanks:
Manuelle Rodicq, Alain Rodicq, Emma Séméria
Shandra Sellam, Jérémie Pernin, Anissa Benallal
Diane Latinis, Jean Denis Le Dinahet, Thomas Claisse
Théodore Eristoff, Francisco Cofré, Géry Bouchez
Agnès Deltenre, Cininter, SMD Loc, Nod Productions
Soum Soum Productions, Phosphene Productions, Cuuut Productions


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