A fittingly absurd and gruesome depiction of a guy who works as a janitor cleaning up scenes after gang fights for Husky’s track “Never Ever.” Written and directed by Moscow-based filmmaker Evgenii Bakirov (previously featured here), the janitor figure is meant to represent the internal struggles of an artist, cleaning up his own mental world. Watch above and see full credits below!


Written & Directed by Evgenii Bakirov
DP: Kirill Groshev
Production Designer: Vasya Ivanov
Executive Producer “Spot”: Mikhail Marizov
Executive Producer Bureau “Working Title”: Igor Sayfullin
Producer: Samat Yuzeev
1st AD: Mina Khlechyan
Production Manager: Ivan More
Senior Administrator: Ravil Sneg
Assistant Producers: Maria Evenko, Valeria Morgunova, Ekaterina Panasenko
Casting: Daria Avrutova
Special Effects Makeup: Daria Rykova
Style – Visible Style Service:
Vasilisa Gamaleya-Gusarova
Yuliana Inyusheva
Tattoo: Herman Devyashin
Editor: Kirill Khandurin
Nikita Gankin
Boris Voyt
Ilya Putilin
СС: Nikolay Vavilov
Gaffer: Anton Ageev
Decorator: Ilya Nemirovsky
Props Master: Roman Ovsyannikov
Location Manager: Oleg Talisman
Backstage Photographers: Dima Chyornyy, Daria Pocherk, Natalia Shavshina

Thanks to:
Pavel Galin
Camera Department
Igor Yashin
Super Vision Sistems


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