Great look to this video for Jeannel by Berlin-based director Felix Aaron (previously featured here). Shot on 16mm by cinematographer Julian Jonas Schmitt, “I Can Make It Better” traces the emotional journey of the artist through an abstract narrative based on classic tarot card symbolism. The Spiritual Guidance Spread helps to illuminate the artist’s possible path from the present to a desired future based on eight cards. Each card is presented as a painting-like vignette styled to harken back to the traditional design of the original cards.

Jeanne Kaiser as “The Empress”
Lisa Mardjohansson as “Two of Swords”
Valentin Hansen as “The Fool”
Camille Pailler as “Strength”
Ingrid K. Bigirimana as “Death”
Cajus Kesler as “Knight of Cups”
Selen Ericok and Peer Lie ning as “The Lovers”

Written & Directed by Felix Aaron
Director of Photography: Julian Jonas Schmitt
Styling: Camille Pailler
Hair & Make-Up: Lisa Mardjohansson
Production Support Ricarda Haehn, Jan Zuehlke and Adriano Theill


This video was submitted by Felix Aaron and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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