A subtle yet powerful short about guilt and identity by Berlin-based writer-director Felix Aaron Schroeder. “Dobermann” follows a man named Siras who has been released from prison after many years due to a false sentence. Despite not being guilty of what he was accused, Siras struggles to adjust to his new life and doubts its truth. As Schroeder shares further, the main concept explored in the film is sociophobic behavioral disorder and the consequence of self-alienation or seeking captivity as an abstract form of freedom:

“Working with psychoanalytic as well as philosophical theories, I was fascinated not only by sociophobia but also by the question of guilt and the idea of accepting or actually giving in to an image others might have painted of you. The idea of so called ‘attack dogs’ such as a Dobermann just seemed to be the right metaphor for that concept. In the process it only felt logical to shoot the whole film at night, as well as in the winter, where there is only a limited timespan of daylight. This certainly helped us as a team to dive into this feeling and to set the stage.

Even though it’s been a while since I wrote the initial screenplay to Dobermann, the story always felt relevant to me, especially nowadays during these abstract times.”

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Tom Wlaschiha
Elias Eilinghoff
Frederik Schmid
Sinja Dieks
Michael Epp
Henning Kallweit
Oleg Tikhomirov
Katrin Flüs

Director & Writer: Felix Aaron Schroeder
Director of Photography: Julian Jonas Schmitt
Assistant Camera: Cristina Amate, Cavo Kernich
Gaffer: David Schmitt
Lighting Technician: Constanze Schmitt, Malte Siepen
Costume: Timo Schmitt
Make-Up: Naemi Vahldiek
Set-Design: Lukas Olfe, Moritz Balzer
Animal-Trainer: Christine Schaumann
Production Sound Mixer: Yannick Spiess, Philipp Fröhlich
Sound-Design: Jochen Jezussek
Soundtrack: Daniel Heidt
Edit and Post-Production: Felix Aaron Schroeder
Head of Production: Felix Aaron Schroeder
Production-Assistant: Sophie Frentrop


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