A delightful animated short for UK-based charity Live Life Give Life by illustrator and animator Daniel Stankler (previously featured here). Released to coincide with the changing regulations around organ donation in the UK, “Let Love Live On” gave Stankler an opportunity to adapt his animation style and visual motifs into a more commercial context for the first time. As he shared with us:

“It was important to us to tell the story focusing not on the individual life that is saved, but the love, and the emotional ties, that are saved when you save a person by organ donation… I spent a lot of time coming up with a concept for the film that I felt successfully meshed these two needs, and came up with something quite weird. The client was super open minded and loved it and I’m happy with the result.”


Direction & Animation: Daniel Stankler
Creative Direction: Roydon Turner
Produced by Awesonova
Sound by Zing Audio


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