A poetic meditation on life and death for Alaskan Tapes by Brooklyn-based director Meredith Hama-Brown (previously featured here). Beautifully shot on 4-Perf 35mm by cinematographer Norm Li, csc, “And, We Disappear” explores a woman’s mysterious journey to her afterlife. Taking place at the very moment of her passing, the narrative follows the woman’s transition from wandering confusedly through her small town to arriving at a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. It is here that she finds a baby, lying on its own. As Hama-Brown explains further:

“Although I am not religious in any way, and this story doesn’t represent my beliefs, I was fascinated by the idea of a soul needing to complete some unknown task as it leaves the body. I was very compelled by the idea of a woman needing to take her eldest and youngest self, as a unit, into the afterlife. What I wanted to capture in this film was the feeling that she experiences during this journey; a feeling of being in a space that is both familiar yet unfamiliar, dreamlike and yet still real to her.”

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Director: Meredith Hama-Brown
DP: Norm Li, csc
Starring: Kanjana Comeau
Producers: Madeleine Davis, Jill Orsten and Malaina Mah
Production Company: Boldly Creative
Casting: K & K Casting (Kris Woz & Kara Eide)
Baby: Javaughn Jessen
Production Design: Sophie Jarvis
Gaffer/Key Grip: Jordan Findlay
1st AC/Loader: Ryan Ermacora
1st AC: Jeremy Cox
Dolly Grip/Ronin Op: Jan Schuster
Grip: Matthew Koropatwa
Boat Operators: Glenn Karakochuk and Jonathan French
Owl Wrangler: Gary Worley
Sound Design: Brady Kendall
VFX: Freddy Chavez Olmos
Color: Joseph Bicknell/Company 3
Caterer: Virginia Hama

Equipment Provided by:
William F Whites, Q Films, Mile End Media, Practicals Lighting, Signal Systems and Matrix Production Services
Film Processing: MELS Studios and Niagara Custom Lab
Film Scanning: Film House

Special Thanks:
Virginia Hama, Glenn Karakochuk, Boldly Creative, Peter Hagge, Gary Worley, Margaret Sloat, Jonathan French, Phil Wilson, Joe Chan and Natasha Wehn




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