A paper man navigates a disorienting world in this intricate stop-motion by director and animator Meredith Hama-Brown. Shot on Super 8mm film, everything on screen is made entirely from paper (over 2000 hand-cut images). As Hama-Brown explains further:

“Although a highly visual piece, the film is meant to symbolize a feeling of time moving forward incessantly, and the anxiety that can come from this. At the core is the theme of mortality and how wondrous and terrifying it is all at once.”

Check out “Mind Mirror” above as well as some behind-the-scenes images below!


Directed and Animated by Meredith Hama-Brown
Director of Photography: Norm Li, csc
Executive Producer: Keith Rivers
Producer: Jordan Ardanaz, John & Linda MacDonald, Paolo Polesello
Song: “Mirrored Mind” by Phoenix Thunderbird
Design & Fabrication: Lisa Boulton, Tiffany Monk, Jess Guthrie, Brad Ishii
Additional Fabrication: Shea Oracheski, Laurel Thomson
Cast: Jordan Ardanaz & Beatrice King
Photo Printing: Vanprint
Processing: Niagara Custom Lab
Scanning: Lifetime Heritage Film

Laurel Thomson
Sara Blake
Sayla Friske
Cole Friske
Sophie Jarvis
Shea Oracheski
So Yeon Kim
Sarah Charrouf
Barbara Trace
Kat Kelsay
Kara Hornland

Special Thanks:
Peter Hagge
Glenn Suberlak
Devin Karringten
Andrew and Lili Brown
Glenn Karakochuk
Virginia Hama
Amy and Ray Li
Cole Friske
Tyler Udall
Alicia Eisen
Sophie Jarvis
Clif Prowse
Alex Wilson
Suzanne Friesen
Jeff Petry









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