A lost young man starts to find his way in this lovely short by Paris-based director duo Lucien Beucher and Jean Lanteri aka Bleu Désert (previously featured here). The first instalment of an urban dance series, “Voltige” revolves around a single concept told via one choreographed sequence set to an original score:

“As this man starts walking around a deserted Paris suburb, he decides to let go of everything and embraces the invitation of the City. Each floor of the staircase becomes a test, a ritual paced by the drums resonating in his head.”

Watch above. Full credits and some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Tony Sempai
Jade Vergnes
Claire Bailly
Myriam Konaté
Pauline Robert
Justine Fisset
Emma Bouvier
Charlotte Le Droumaguet
Odélie Blanc
Dounia Dolbec
Inés Ramdane

Directors: Lucien Beucher & Jean Lanteri
Choreography Assistant: Hélène Guilguet
MoVi Operator: Enzo Guadagnin
1st AC: Tristan Jerram
2nd AC: Flavien Brunet
Stage Managers: Claire Savard, Sarah Feugier, Eva Plaziat
Stills Photographer: Louise Feugier
Colorist: Arnaud Laurent
Soundtrack: Tanguy Clarence
Sound Engineer: Antoine F. Martin
Musical Arrangement: L$30







Bleu Désert’s Website

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