Tons of gorgeous shots in this video for Le Trio Joubran by Paris/Montréal-based directing duo Lucien Beucher and Jean Lanteri aka Bleu Désert. Set against the emptiness of the desert, “The Hanging Moon” follows the movements of a lonely man (dancer Reemcat), representing the lasts sign of life and “the only tie between the sky and the earth.” Watch above and see full credits below.


Directed by Lucien Beucher & Jean Lanteri
Dancer: Reemcat
MoVi Operator: Enzo Guadagnin
1st AC: Julien Artaud
2nd AC: Thomas Balet
Stills: Louise Feugier
Production Designer: Agathe Moncomble
Assistant designer: Claire Savard
Colorist: Arnaud Laurent
Sound Design: Virgile Kupa
Special thanks: Romain Manson, gunsmoke


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