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A fantastic video for La Chica’s track “Ratas” by director and DOP Julien Lascar (previously featured here). Working within a very tight budget, Lascar put the money toward 16mm film, opting for minimal set up and a crew of just himself and camera assistant Daniel Balderas. As Lascar explains:

“This way I could manage a very strong look. It would demand much more money in digital considering all the lights and crews to shape a good image. In film it’s good out of the box, and the natural light render very very well. Also we wanted to have a raw look with very saturated color and I know we can push film hard on this.”

The video was shot in Mexico City and Cholula where the team collaborated with many friends, including Mexican artist collective Mascaras de Alambre who created the masks. “Ratas” (rat in English) is a reference to thieves and corruption, intended to both celebrate the people of South America and criticize the legacy of imperialism that continues to damage the area.

Watch above. Behind-the-scenes images below!


Directed by Julien Lascar
Producer: Pablo Fustec
Cinematographer: Julien Lascar
Camera Assistant: Daniel Balderas
Makeup: Klauzz Lanthier
Editting: Maxime Caro
Color: Florian Jarry
Production Company: Mirage

Tony Delfino
Fashion based on a true story
Louis Jamseh & Lara Hewitt

Máscaras de alambre
Mil amores
Mooi Collective

Loretta Ugalde Pèrez
Camila N. Bouchan Quintero
Luna Jiménez
Jennifer Mariana Zamora Ortega
Rachely Ayleen Mc Lean Antioco
Aryam VG

Dani bala
El Vale duran
Don Flacura
Reyber Davenport
Regina Gonzalo Ortuñez
Rodrigo Soto Curiel
Cristopher Godínez Vásquez

Special Thanks:
MARMOI Cultural Centre
Miguel Urueta
Helena Volkova
Juan Carlos Helu
Fhernando Estrada
La Mansión





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