A poetic series of visuals for Brian Allen Simon (aka Anenon) by Los Angeles-based director Andrew Gura (previously featured here). Bonding over the difficulty of describing Brian’s music to people who had never heard it, the project evolved as an effort to translate the atmospheric texture of the album and the imagery it inspires in the listener.

While initially dabbling with the idea of filming in Mexico and featuring the architecture of Luis Barragán, the decision was ultimately made to establish continuity with their two previous collaborations and remain “emotionally resonant” within the city of Los Angeles. Cinematographer Jake Bianco (previously featured here) became the final piece that set the final look in motion. Describing him as the “perfect collaborator,” Andrew explains:

“Jake came up with ways to approach the project, bringing out the texture of the image using Panavision’s famed C-Series anamorphic lenses from the late 1960s, mixed with later Panavision spherical lenses, stabilized camera support that could be discreetly driven around Los Angeles, and plenty of floaty, freehand camera motion. Jake, Brian and I roamed around Los Angeles for several days, capturing bits and pieces as we found them.”

Watch “Tongue” above. Full credits below.


Concept by Brian Allen Simon
Directed / Produced / Edited by Andrew Gura
Executive Producer Leeor Brown
Cinematography Jake Bianco
Camera Assistant Misael Audelo
Movi Tech Christine Adams
Cameras + Lenses provided by Panavision Woodland Hills
DTLA Permits Tim Ballou / Film This!
Color by Bill Pollock
Special Thanks to Mike Carter, Green Glow Films, Stephen Mallett, Jane Qian
From the Friends of Friends release Anenon ‘Tongue’
Presented by Apple Music


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