The second instalment of Toronto-based filmmaker Andrew De Zen’s 3-part series, created for Alaskan Tapes’ album, You Were Always An Island. (Click here to check out their first film, “Waiting,” if you haven’t already!). While each piece similarly offers a glimpse into a character struggling with a sense of separation from something or someone they love, for “Skin” De Zen wanted to capture the essence of a rumour or folk tale of unknown origin — the kind you might hear in a small coastal town. Shot on 35mm to maximize the minimalist approach with the bolder, iconic imagery of a lone figure gazing out into the water, De Zen explains further:

“Those stories normally revolve around a tragic figure or event and so we wanted to lay it all out in front of us and strip things bare to its most simple, most reserved point. Becoming observers to something that is kept mysterious yet feels like it has deep roots in its own lore and history. The whole album has this ambient minimalist approach and the visuals needed to echo that feeling.”

Watch “Skin” above and see full credits as well as De Zen’s own poetic preface below!


2/3. Death (An Old Folk Tale)

Beyond the sea a lover’s call,
Her footsteps stretched onward.
Along the horizon lays a man
Covered in thin skin.
A father left derelict under the lighthouse’s gaze.


Directed by: Andrew De Zen
Producer: Kristoff Duxbury
Production Designer: Brodie Kitchen
Cinematographer: Cole Graham
Editorial: Outsider
Editor: Michael Barker
1st Assistant Camera: Mikael Bidard
Grip: Chase Fletcher
Wardrobe: Roxy Jack
Colour: Alter Ego
Colourist: Clinton Homuth
VFX: Tendril

Special Thanks:
Reel Good Film
BC Film Commission



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