The first in a 3-part series of beautifully subtle narrative films written and directed by Toronto-based filmmaker Andrew De Zen. Created for Alaskan Tapes’ upcoming album, You Were Always An Island, the characters in each instalment all struggle with a sense of separation from the things they love. Although, the series is just as much about the lengths we’re willing to go to for our loved ones.

Operating under the mantra “Something never stated, only implied,” De Zen wrote short epigraphic poems to both help each video to stand on its own and connect it to the larger whole. De Zen also formed elaborate backstories, all while knowing that viewers would only ever catch a glimpse of what was happening beneath the surface. Speaking further about the project and its special connection to Vancouver, De Zen shared with us:

“One thing I wanted to touch on was the fact that each film is shot on 35mm by our awesome Vancouver based DP, Cole Graham. The music of Alaskan Tapes is so incredibly evocative and ambient that we immediately knew this was something that only film could capture. As film is consistent through each piece, the style and aesthetic shifts – Waiting is in black and white 2-perf, while Skin is in colour 2-perf, and we are shooting Places in 16×9 colour. It’s also worth noting that the entire series is shot in Vancouver and at this point I believe, including Alaskan Tapes’ earlier films, all the music videos have been shot in Vancouver so I find it interesting that the music now has this associated image with this location and landscape.”

Watch “Waiting” above and check out the textual accompaniment as well as full credits below!


1/3. Birth

What am I if I cannot bear fruit?
The woman asked herself.
God did not answer. For he did not have an answer.
Who am I if I cannot be your mother?


Starring: Anja Savcic, Chantal Ouellette
Written & Directed by Andrew De Zen
Producer: Kristoff Duxbury
Production Designer: Brodie Kitchen
Cinematographer: Cole Graham
Editorial: Relish
Editor: Michael Barker
1st Assistant Camera: Mikael Bidard
2nd Assistant Camera: Bruno Souza
Steadicam Operator: Jay Clennan
Gaffer: Chase Fletcher
Grip: Aadi Bhandari
Swing: Wes Chew
Special Effects: Yorke Graham
Location Recordist: Anton Thomas
Wardrobe: Roxy Jack
Hair & Make Up: Jessica Ratterman
Sound Design: Brady Kendall
Colour/VFX: Alter Ego
Colourist: Clinton Homuth

Special Thanks:
Reel Good Film
BC Film Commission




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