A wonderful little piece for Zurich University of the Arts by Barcelona-based artist Ferran Capo (previously featured here). Scripted, shot and edited in just 10 days, Capo describes the project as “visually very plastic.” As he further shared with us:

“The idea I got sent was ‘when worlds collide’ so I imagined a series of devices/set designs where different arts/actions would interact to create something new and surprising.”

Direction & Art Direction by Ferran Capo
Set Art Direction: Glendis Lopez
Direction of Photography: Pol Subirà & Michell Rivas
Voice: Jade De Robles
Sound Design: David Miret
Production / Art Assistant: Lorena Angenault
Studio: Cobalt Blau
Sound recording studio: Sol de Sants

Thanks go to:
Adam Grunfeld, CANADA and Malditos Produce.

Creative Director: Michele Salati
Copywriter: Simone Nobili


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