Barcelona-based artist Ferran Capo does a lot with very little in this low budget video for Surf & Fat’s track “3rd Floor.” Pulling off some creative practical effects and fun stop-motion, the amount of love and care that went into the project is obvious. As is the brilliant attitude of its director, who simply hopes that “you find something fresh and enjoyable… even if you can see we had no money”!

Check out Capo’s cinematography work in Clim & Jade de Robles’s short “985 Days” recently posted here, if you haven’t already. Full credits for “3rd Floor” below.


Directed by: Ferran Capo
Assistant Director: Gemma Sellarès
Direction of Photography: Pablo de Pastors
Art Direction: Glendis López
Styling: Paula Ayet
Make up: Cristina Canes
Gaffer: Pol Subirà
Art Assistants:
Lorena Angenault
Mariel Sallaberry
Regina San Martino
Still Photo: Michell Rivas

Special thanks:
Promociones Urbanas 3000
Malditos Produce
Adriana Eskenazi
Cristina Quer
Alvaro Ucha
Anna Albiach
Emili Mas
Carol Ortega


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