A unique spot for UK startup Habito produced at Nexus Studios by artist Nicolas Ménard (previously featured here). The visuals are the result of a series of code that turn “graphical chaos into satisfying order,” a personal passion of Ménard’s. The fact that the highly technical process parallels the kind of algorithms used by the online company is something of a happy accident, as Ménard explained to us: “I wrote a book call Colorimetry in 2010 and made a film with algorithms using the data of colour. Somehow, this niche interest of mine got me involved in creating a TV commercial”!

Agency: Who Wot Why
ECDs/Creatives: Sean Thompson, Matt Gooden and Ben Walker
Agency Producer: Marissa Jennings
Production Company: Nexus Studios
Director: Nicolas Ménard
ECD: Chris O’Reilly
Executive Producers: Luke Youngman
Producer: Fernanda Garcia Lopez
Project Lead & Compositing: Elliott Kajdan
Design & Animation: Nicolas Ménard
Illustrations: Jack Cunningham
Editor: Dave Slade
Sound Design: David Kamp
Music: Daniel Hegarty & David Kamp
Sound Mix: Parv Thind & Jack Sedgwich @ Wave Studios








Nicolas Ménard’s Website

Nicolas Ménard on Instagram

Nicolas Ménard at Nexus


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