1. I Am Michael

Director Gus Van Zant executive produces the complicated true story of Michael Glatze, a high profile gay man and LGBTQ advocate who became a Christian pastor and supporter of the anti-gay movement. Check out the trailer above and the rest of our Best Trailer picks below!


2. Blade Runner 2049

Especially after Denis Villeneuve’s stellar work in Arrival, it feels pretty safe to say the Blade Runner reboot won’t disappoint. Fingers crossed.


3. Do Not Resist

Cinematographer Craig Atkinson’s directorial debut highlights the militarization of police in the United States and already won Best Documentary at The Tribeca Film Festival.


4. Alien: Covenant

Lots of Ridley Scott on the way! In addition to producing the new Blade Runner and Taboo series (included in our previous roundup), Scott returns to direct the latest instalment in the Alien franchise.


6. A Cure For Wellness

Another great trailer for A Cure for Wellness (previously featured here). While it might risk giving away a little too much of the plot, the visuals still look insane!



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