1. The Young Pope

An American cardinal (played by Jude Law) is finally elected Pope in HBO’s new 10-episode miniseries by Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino. James Cromwell and Diane Keaton also look perfectly cast. Check out the trailer above and the rest of our Best Trailer picks below!


2. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch play a father-son coroner duo who make increasingly unsettling discoveries while investigating the body of an unidentified woman.


3. True New York

A compilation of five award-winning documentary shorts featuring an array of New Yorkers who make the city what it is. The films include: a group of thrill-seeking kids from the Bronx, the city’s oldest taxi driver, subway station cataloguer Philip Coppola, a man of mixed heritage looking for acceptance in his father’s community and self-taught artist/street performer Otis Houston Jr.!


4. Taboo

The idea for Taboo began almost ten years ago when Tom Hardy was playing Bill Sikes in the BBC’s 2007 adaptation of Oliver Twist. Now he’s joined by executive producer Ridley Scott, writer Steven Knight and a stellar cast including Jonathan Pyrce and House of Card’s Michael Kelly!


5. The Circle

Based on Dave Egger’s 2013 dystopian novel, The Circle follows the story of Mae, a young college grad who lands an entry-level job at a burgeoning tech company.


6. Spectral

Humanity struggles to defend itself against an enemy they can’t see, let alone fight. Spectral starts streaming on Netflix December 9th.


7. Big Little Lies

Jean-Marc Vallée directs this limited series adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s novel for HBO. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley head up the all-star cast, playing three mothers whose lives aren’t as perfect as they seem.



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