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Branded: ARRI “Visions”

Director Merlin Camozzi teamed up with ARRI to make ‘Visions’, a short about the commitment that it takes to chase your dreams. Their pitch to the brand was simple—”filmmaking is like chasing ghosts”.

Camozzi says, “That’s something we really believe. It’s true in terms of story, because you have to catch your vision and lock it down before it vanishes. It’s also true of career, because it’s all a journey, with many ups and downs, and the struggle to get up every day and keep creating can be extremely real.

In order to do that, you need to face your fears and keep going, finding the magic that pushes you forward. This piece is a love letter to the struggle, joy, pain and elation of the creative process, straight from our filmmaking hearts, and getting to work with ARRI was a dream come true.”


Client: ARRI
Agency: Tongal
Director: Merlin Camozzi
Director of Photography: Julia Swain
Producer: Kris Cvijetic
Production Designer: Rick Perry
Costume Designer: Molly Irelan
Make-up Artist: Lauren Uptegrove
1st AD: Stephen Jangro
1st AC: Jamila Koch
2nd AC: Colvin Ang
Gaffer: Carlos Lopez, Teodora Totoiu
Key Grip: Mark Lecky
Key Set PA: Justin Gilbert
PA: Sarah Henry, Robert Cossak
Edit: Marcus Chan, Minh Bui
Grade: Robert Crosby
Sound Design and Mix: Jay Nierenberg
Score: Julian Scherle


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Premiere: “Oh Son of Man” by Tyler McPherron

This lovely little artist profile by director Tyler McPherron is the antithesis to all the usual talking head art docs we get sent. McPherron foregoes the voiceovers, the over-bearing soundtracks and the unnecessary editing and allows the viewer to simply exist with the artist.

In early 2017, musician and artist Chaz Bear (Toro y Moi) noticed the work of a young painter from Atlanta named Zach Garrett. An online exchange followed, and plans were made for Zach to visit Chaz’s Oakland studio to hang out and work for a week.

From there, the idea to document Zach’s week in California was born. With no specific agenda in place, Tyler documented Zach painting, skateboarding, giving his friend a tattoo, and creating some impromptu art. The resulting short film, “Oh Son of Man” offers an intimate and meditative view into the process of a talented emerging artist.


Featuring Zachary Garrett
Directed by Tyler McPherron
Produced by Company Studio
Camera Assistance by Hunter Huston
Music by Farrad Thomas


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Branded: P&G “Christianne”

Andrew Litten directs this little spot for P&G, featuring a woman named Christianne who even as an eight year old, knew exactly what she was going to become. That same passion drives her today.

Filmed in Salvador, Brazil, this short profile documentary offers a glimpse into the trials and tribulations of a woman who has relentlessly pushed herself forward into a top position at a large corporate entity, and how the city has inspired her.


Directed by Andrew Litten
Cinematography by Kristian Zuniga
Edited by Chris Amos @ Final Cut Edit

Agency: StudioNow
Production Company: Voyager
Executive Producer: Andrew Hutcheson
Head of Production: David Brickel

Producer: Tommy Dingwall
Brazil Producer: Fernanda Beling

First AC: Daniel Guadalupe
Sound Mixer: Richard Carlos

Original Music: Omar Ferrer
Sound Design/Mix: Dan Hart @ Shindig

Color: Derek Hansen @ The Mill
Executive Color Producer: Thatcher Peterson
Color Producer: Diane Valera

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“Breathless” by Oleksii Sobolev

This is one of the most original short films we’ve seen. Taking place almost entirely under water, “Breathless” tells the story of a synchronized swimmer tying to win the heart of her coach. Writer/director Oleksii Sobolev has created something special here. Stunning cinematography by Phil Lee and Grigorii Yablochkin and flawless art direction by Peter Bondarenko. Exceptional work by all involved.


Written and directed by Oleksii Sobolev

Director of Photography, co-director: Phil Lee
Director of Photography: Grigorii Yablochkin

Art-director: Peter Bondarenko

Executive Producers: Roman Pevzner, Dimitry Mouraviev
Line Producer: Olga Skobkina, Evgeniya Pesyakova
Creative Producer: Oleksii Sobolev
Editing: Khodakivska Tania, Oleksii Sobolev
Sound and sound mixing: Nikolay Ishkhanov
Producer: Anna Soboleva
AD: Oksana Belyakova

Andrey (Hamil) Pasechnyi
Angelika Timanina
Anna Udovik
Roman Pevzner

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Elyse — “Not The Girl For You”

Director Joseph Marconi provides a beautiful visual for Elyse’s “Not The Girl For You”, which he says was inspired by Kahlil Joseph’s iconic video for Flying Lotus’s “Until The Quiet Comes”.

“Elyse told us the song was about accepting yourself as you are, and letting go of that need for acceptance from a lover who’ll never see you the way you want them to. It was a theme I strongly related to.”


Artist: Elyse
Label: Good Villain Records
Starring: Elyse Cizek, J. Parker Wood

Cinematography by Kenneth Bauer
Gaffer Jerod Nawrocki
Production Assistant Jess Fenn
Directed, Edited and Colored by Joseph Marconi

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“Cow Palace” by Julian Gallese

Love love love Julian Gallese’s animations, they’re always so playful and fun. Would love to find more work coming out of Costa Rica!

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Premiere: “Love, Otisville” by Parker Hill

“Love, Otisville” is a fun little dance-filled fashion film for STAY COOL NYC. Shot on a mix of Super 8mm and digital, the visuals capture the nostalgia of childhood as a group of friends explore their old stomping grounds.

Director Parker Hill says, “I came across this incredible location of Otisville Elementary, in upstate New York, and I fell in love with the rays of sunlight in the halls, and the amalgam of familiar details we’ve all passed through. From the tiny pink and blue bathrooms, to the texture of the carpet, it felt like in some way, like we all went to Otisville. In my work, I’m drawn to juxtaposing young people with old and decaying buildings. There’s something really natural about it to me. I think it has to do with the bittersweet nature of nostalgia, and longing for moments that are undoubtedly from a past we can’t return to.”




Directed by Parker Hill
Produced by Mackenzie Berkman
Starring: Amy Gardner, Morgan Quinn, and Rakeem Hardy
Cinematography by Luca Del Puppo
Choreography by Amy Gardner


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Jan Roth — “Glühwürmchen”

An animated music video for artist Jan Roth by visual artist Marcel Vockrodt. The song is taken from the album L.O.W. — you can find more info about the album here.

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“I AM” by Dhaval Shah & Nishtha Shailajan

A powerful short about women, equality and power. Filmmaker duo Dhaval Shah and Nishtha Shailajan do a wonderful job of visualizing the warrior in each one of them.

“Radical Ideas, Art and Women have one thing in common; they have been greeted with raised eyebrows and encountered with resistance throughout history. Also, these are three things that have provoked change in the course of the status quo in all societies across the world. Provocation of a thought that nudges the deepest core of an individual, at best; a society, at large; a nation as a whole and the planet beyond its super ciality has universally germinated from these.
We aim to assimilate these three together in our film, to evoke contemplation and touch the core of individuals, to look at gender inclusiveness, equality and women, sans their prejudicial blinders. This film is a holistic and artistic representation of the various facets of women, in their entirety.”

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“Struck” by Aurora Fearnley

Excellent acting in this rather tense one-shot short film by director Aurora Fearnley. A female jogger returns to the scene of a crime looking for closure.


Starring James Rastall, Maria Jose Bavio

Director Aurora Fearnley
Producers Justin Edgar
Writer Isley Lynn
Executive Producers Alex Usbourne
Cinematographer Ben Hecking
Sound Recordist Xan Márquez Caneda

Production Company 104 Films & Little Northern Light
Funding Creative Skillset

Selected Screenings
▪ Sydney Film Festival (World Premiere)
▪ Edinburgh International Film Festival (UK Premiere)
▪ Cork International Film Festival
▪ The Smalls Film Festival

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“Peyote” by José Fatkinson

Amazing little animation by José Fatkinson. Wait for the end.

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“Dreamcatcher” by Matty Brown

An old Native American woman looks back on her life, and the line between reality and fantasy is blurred. Written, directed and edited by Matty Brown.


Written, Directed, & Edited by Matty Brown
Production Company – UNHEARD/OF
Executive Producers – Alan Nay and Matt Ackerman (World Famous)
Producer – Mandy Ward
Cinematographer – Todd Martin (toddmartinfilms.com/)
Production Manager – Jenni Bedel
First Assistant Camera – Joel Phillips
Gaffer – Mike Astle
Production Designer – Darcey Zoller
Art Director – Kalani Akuna
Wardrobe – Lisa Montalvo
Makeup & Hairstylist – Nancy Leonardi
Casting – Amey Rene Casting
Data Management – Champ Ensminger, Caleb Albright
Production Assistants – Brian Glinski, Tony Fernandez, Brian Fox

Elder Woman – Priscilla Blackwolf Sr
Younger Girl – Priscilla Blackwolf Jr
Little Boy – Parker Hall
Teen Girls – Claudia Coulibaly, Charlisa Villar
Dinner Guests – Larry Cali, Marji Friedman, Sandra MacPhearson, Steve Gallion, Lyn-Felice Calvin

Head Of Production – Casey Steele
Post Producer – Paul Williamson, Marni Dworkin
Assistant Editor – Champ Ensminger
Visual Effects Supervisor – Rogelio Salinas
Title Design – Juan C Arenas
Compositors – Todd Perry, Emma Frost, Mandy Wong, Jacob White

Agency- PB&
Made Possible by – Film Independent, IFC, and Visit Seattle


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