A strangely unsettling video for Ben Special by director Jeremy Gumener who says, “From the first listen, I found Maine Country very visual: the rowdy crowd, the mic mumbling, the echo in the sax. The aspect of the live performance was something I wanted to explore visually, but I also didn’t want it to be just that. The idea was to root the video in something fantastical, sardonic, almost grotesque, where things didn’t necessarily have to make sense. Are these women really there? Or are they figments of his obscure imagination, allegories of the afterlife? As the song builds to a subtle climax, I wanted to see Ben in motion. For that, I needed to find a way for him to break out of this dingy underground venue. The idea for the postcard really worked in that sense, bridging the interior and exterior worlds of the video. I love watching him search for something, or some place, he isn’t sure he’ll ever find. There’s something so human about that.”


Starring Ben Guterl & Zach Lorelli

Writer/Director: Jeremy Gumener
Producers: Jeremy Gumener & Theo Gray
Cinematographer: Theo Gray
Production Design & Wardrobe: Oona Baker
1st Assistant Directors: Eda Carikci & Charlie Theobald
2nd Assistant Director: Rachael Sonnenberg
Assistant Camera: Joecar Hanna
Gaffer: East Elliott
Key Grip: Noah Schifrin
Equipment: Phil Yu

Edit: Cooper Currier-Conley
Color: Sam Howells
Graphics: Ben Guterl

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