Director Henry DaCosta says, “When Abby and I first met to talk about making this video she brought up Afrofuturism as a thematic reference for the song. I always saw this video as being some sort of sci-fi so I immediately latched on to this. I went into a deep internet dive to learn more about the history of Afrofuturism and its ideas, and fashion. I stumbled on this small excerpt from the writings of Valorie Thomas where she wrote: ‘the apocalypse had already happened. The aliens came.’ I got the idea that Abby had been abducted, transformed into something ethereal and sent back to Earth.”


Abby T – “Legos” ft. Rodney Chrome

Director: Henry DaCosta
Production: Goldfin, BrickHead
Producer: Emily Miller, Sophia Loren Heriveaux, Adrian Sobrado
UPM: Martin Luna
DP: Gabriel Connelly
1st AC: Steven Xie
Steadicam: Franz J. Brun
Gaffer: Trey Deming, Hunter Kaufman
Key Grip: Henry Wolf
Production Designer: Sophia Uehara
Art Assistant: Andrea Mato
Stylist: Alon Cameron
Makeup: Kim Hernandez
Driver/PA: Diego Garcia
BTS: Ragan Henderson

Edit/VFX/Sound: Henry DaCosta
Colorist: Joseph Bicknell
Color Producer: Anna Kelman
Tracking: Light Range

Featuring: Nala Duma, Michael Miles, Kamryn Vaulx

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