Written and directed by Josefin Malmen and David Strindberg (BABYBABY), “Laurence Fishburne in Space” is an homage to a man who keeps his cool even in hellish situations beyond our known universe, told through a home shopping presenter’s semi-passionate sales pitch practice.


Directors: Josefin Malmen and David Strindberg
DOP: Viktor Skogqvist
1ac: Jonas Ernhill
Gaffer: Magnus Karlsson
Soundie: Alessandro Berellini
HMUA: Alice Lönnblad
Set design: Alexander Ehrnrooth
Music: Hanna Stenson, Lisa Gagerman
Sound design: Martin Mighetto
Colour: Johan Wiman
Film lab: Focus Film
Cast: Robert Holik
Thanks to Dagsljus and Bleck Film for the support

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