With pressure to keep quiet about a friend’s indiscretion, a boy is forced to deal with his secret head-on as the victim’s sister walks into his shop.

Written and directed by Nano Clow, “Guts” was written as a proof of concept for a feature film and adapted to be self-contained as a short. Clow says, “We shot it on a shoe-string budget and favours over the course of an extra-long, 25 hour day. The two locations were an hour apart and since the bulk of the shooting had to be through the night while businesses were closed, we built two completely different crews so that only the director, producer, DP, and lead actor worked the entire, long night.”

The film premiered at Vancouver International Film Festival and went on to travel North America on the film circuit.

Starring: Dylan Schmid, Aria DeMaris, David Lennon
Writer/Director/Executive Producer: Nano Clow
Producer/Executive Producer: Joaquin Cardoner
Director of Photography: Blake Davey

Production Design: Megan Macaulay, Stephanie Townsend
Editor: Nano Clow
Composer: Cayne McKenzie
1st Assistant Camera: Brock Newman
2nd Assistant Camera: Tito Ferradans
Gaffer: Zach Lacosse
Key Grip: Simon Huculiak
Location Manager: David Brenneman
Location Sound: Randall Burgess
Sound Designer: Factor Eight
Assistant Editor/Stills Photographer: Levi Shiach
Colourist: Sam Gilling
Makeup: Becca Randle, Minjee Lizbell

Bedroom Unit:
1st AC: Mark Levinson
Reader: Riun Garner
Location Sound: James Ryan
Makeup: Alex Mac

“I Felt Fine” courtesy of The Thin Bloods

Special Thanks: Crescent Heights Auto Service, Max Bailey, Colson Miller, Chris Pulsifer, Lissy Clow, Barret Murdock

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