This video for Blue Wilson was a labour of love, made on a shoestring budget. Director Gabriel Jace Long says, “We worked with our costume designer months in advance to dial in the early Hollywood, Creature of the Black Lagoon look. The craft and care that went into this part of the process is unmistakable and largely informed our more locked off/on-sticks approach to tableaus. We shot over the course of a few days in Los Angeles in a home that was due to be demolished a week after we shot. This is one a million anecdotes in the journey bringing this film to life. Over the course of this journey a million things went wrong, and that’s ultimately how everything wound up just right.”


Directed by: Gabriel Jace Long
Director of Photography: Justin Wall
Starring: Shelby George and William Evans
Costume Design: Danny Logan
Production Design: Courtney Wall
Assistant Camera: David Parrella
Colorist: Billy Landry
Title Design: Anna McCaleb

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