“Natasha” by French American singer Anna Majidson is the story of a broken bond between two cousins who are reunited again in the same house after a long time. They are no longer the ones they used to be, but the fact that they share strong memories makes their connection impossible to fade away.

Directed by Raquel San Nicolás
Produced by HIERSOIR

Anna Majidson as Herself
Eugénie Asselin as Natasha

Tamar Baruch as the mother
Christophe Querry as the father
Lucas Bléger as the uncle

And friends
Romain Hainaut
Eric Muhizi
Marie-Fleur Behlow
Naomi Salabi
Paul-Etienne Luca
Sofiane Hedj
Alice Kayitalire
Amara Ait Idir

Cinematography | Julien Ramirez Hernan
Producers | Yoël Servadio, Caroline Hélaine, Anne Cécile Jemin
Line producer | Nolwenn Jaubert
Production assistant | Rachel Roncin
1st assistant director | Quentin Dubourdieu
2nd assistant director | Joseph Nataf
VHS images | Mike Magidson

Set designers | Charlotte & Juliette Castay
Set designer assistant | Antoine Meffre Chol
Steadicam operator | Adam Gulbol
1st AC | Gustin Guillaume
2nd AC | Théo Franchitti
Gaffer | Silvain Gabayet
Electricians | Samson Lagorce, Matthieu Bordat
Key grip | Octave Maria
Grip | Faustin Charneau
Sound engineer | Elodie Thevenin
Location manager | Maxance Presles
Managers | Steffy Beckett, Louis Schneider, Quentin Léonard

Casting director | Maylis Ghorra
Casting assistant | Yasmine Lopez
Choregraphy | Janina Sarantsina

Stylist | Dina Mir
Assistant stylist | Sabrina Guendouz
Make up & hair | Alice Sauer, Orane Da Silva

Editor & VFX | Vincent Fleischmann
Assistant editor | Yanjun Zhou
Colorist | Marine Surblé
Storyboarder | Eva Mai

Special thanks to | RVZ, Kinou (John), Michel Bazinet (Scouting Location), Blandine & Isabelle Lesueur

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