Inspired by 70’s thrillers, this fun visual for Doula’s “Good Boy” takes the Romeo and Juliet story and tosses in immigration lawyers, spies, planes, boats and B-Boys to create “an anthem of rising up, fighting against the odds of a wayward world.”


Stanley B. Herman (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan and Zodiac),
Bobby Mcgee (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Meteor Man and ER)
Lilliya Scarlet Reid (Chambers).

Full Cast

Francisco ´Combo´Andres
Lilliya Scarlett Reid
Marco Reininger
Stanley B. Herman
Bobby Mcgee
Islay Mackenzie
Annie Monroe

Full Crew

Production Services: Anthony Drake and Harrison Lee
Costume Designer: Alexandra Montrose
Production Design: Dekor
Assistant Camera: Jenna Huskinsson
Director of Photography: Jason P. Childers
Producer: Krista Worby
Story by: William Shakespeare
Screenwriter: David Henry Gerson
Director: David Henry Gerson

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