In this short written and directed by Riun Garner, two friends struggle with how to move forward and still be friends after confessing their feelings to one another. The guy is doomed.


Starring Riun Garner and Stephi Chin-Salvo

Written and Directed by Riun Garner
Produced by Timelapse Film
Executive Produced by Riun garner and Stephi Chin-Salvo
Cinematography by Jeremy Cox
Camera Assisted by Mack Callistan
Second Assisted by Maddy Hermans
Edited and Coloured by Riun Garner
Hair and Makeup by Maddy Hermans
Music by Tyler Wu
Sound Recording by Xavier Prat
Sound Design by Riun Garner
Special Thanks to Brayden Wiebe, Kirsten Robek, TJ Dawe, Kamran Fulleylove, Lucy McNulty, Matt Bonin, Sim Digital, Primary Imaging, and William F. White International Inc.

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