Directed by Spanish photographer Arden, this video for Amanda Bjorn’s “Love Is All That Matters” transports us to one of the final days of summer on the infamous beaches of Barcelona. It’s a visual celebration of intimacy, touch, and self-expression — a declaration of inclusive love as well as a promise to love yourself.

“Love is All That Matters” by Amanda Bjorn
Directed by: Arden
Produced by: The Royal Production Company
Producer: Beatriz Blanco

Ami Diao
Didi Maquiaveli
Frank Duplesiere

Cinematographer: Vanessa Alami
First Assistant Camera: Lidia Rius
Production Coordinator: Cris Auden Sánchez-Palencia
Hair / Make Up: Paula Barjau

Editor: Diego Redondo
Colorist: Carlota Miranda
Graphics: Arturo Sánchez
Stills Photographer: David Mesa

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