An injured Hawk attempts to find a new home. Another really lovely video for Fleet Foxes from director Sean Pecknold, with art and design by Sean Lewis.


Written & Directed by: Sean Pecknold
Art & Design by: Sean Lewis
Animated by: Eileen Kohlhepp
Produced by: Sean Pecknold
Art Assistant: Cody O’Neill
Art Production Lead: Patrick Blanchard
Puppet Research: Emily Franz
Cinematography: Sean Pecknold
Multiplane Lighting: Sean Pecknold
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli @ Ethos
Additional Animation: Sean Pecknold & Sean Lewis
Edit: Sean Pecknold
VFX: Sean Pecknold
Executive Producer: Aja Pecknold
Production Studio: Sing-Sing

Special Thanks
Adi Goodrich
Robin Pecknold
Mariko Funai
Liz Armistead
Anti Records
Ryan Marian
Kate jackson
Greg & Lisa Pecknold
Vivia Print
Beyond Image Graphics
Lynn Shelton

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