Trigger Warning: Images here address suicide and self-harm. For director Parker Foster, dealing with depression is part of daily life and “Be Here Now” is meant to help others suffering in silence to feel less alone, and to encourage everyone to talk to each other—you never know what someone may be going through.

The PSA is intentionally blunt. Foster says, “Showing someone who is down in a dark hole constant advertisements that always end in someone coming to save them doesn’t do anything but make them feel more alone. Everyone doesn’t have a friend or family to call. It’s even tough when they have a friend or family who is there for them because it’s rare for someone to be open about their depression or suicidal thoughts. More often we hear stories about someone killing themselves who expressed the opposite feelings… happiness, love, joy. It’s hard to detect these dark clouds behind the bright stars of people surrounding us. Unfortunately that is most of us. Realize that you can still be that bright star around everyone while also being honest with how you feel when you are down. It doesn’t go away but it does get easier.”


Director: Parker Foster
DP: Sid Singh
1st AC: Luis Romero
Gaffer: Elliott Travis
Key Grip: Carlo Stigliano
PD: Vladislava Dyecheva
PA / BTS: James Berkeley
EP: Lori Foster / Filmsupply
Editor: Brian Chambers
Music: VACVVM – Cæsúra

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