Angelo Volpini turns music score pages for pianists. His job is not to attract attention. When the applause sounds after the concert, he disappears behind the stage without anyone noticing. His name does not appear in any program booklet. Dedicated to the people working in the shadows.


Page Turner: Angelo Volpini
Pianist: Christian Kirschstein
Director: Christian Grüner
Idea: Melanie Reese
DOP: Uwe Anhalt
Camera: Andy Kolb
Camera: Kaspar Kaven
Grading: Sebastian Riepp
Music: Martin Kohlstedt

1.AC: Bernie Weise
Gaffer: Didi Hupfer
Bestboy: Olaf Dettmann
Electrician: Philip Merx
Electrician: Christop Puhr
Electrician: Niklas Schraut
Rental: Buddy’s Filmgear
Location: Audimax Regensburg
Location: Andrzej Siegmund
Location: Meistersingerhalle
Location: Tiroler Festspiele Erl
PA: Alexej Naumenko

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