Ft. Langley deliver a video for Darryl Kissick in which a group of young scientists in the 90s build a robot, and then the robot escapes and chaos ensues. Really love the creepy robot design here.

Director: Ft. Langley
Cinematographer: OPD Brooks
Producer: William Wilkinson
Robot: Molly Lamorte
Character Build & Animatronics: Neal Granger
Character Design: Peter Javidpour
Grips: Koty Bannovvong, Connor Head
Robot Assistant: Sonya Chwyl
Costume Assistant: Jolen Maclean
Scientists: Wesley Yu, Ross Gamble, Keenan Mittag-Degala, Cam Welch
Gas Man: Doug Paton
Truck Couple: Dana Huget, Spencer Kendall
Computer Consultant: Michael Glover
Special Thanks: Steve Webb + Metropol Industries, Nathan Jonson, Zac Benloulou, Ramsey Fendall

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