“Occupation” is an allegory about domestic abuse, in which a therapist is unable to leave her the building where she is paid to endure emotional abuse from men. You may find yourself asking, “Why doesn’t she just leave?” which is precisely the sort of judgement women in abusive relationships often have to endure.

Writer and director, Robin Summons, acknowledges that he’s a cisgender man helming a project about women and abuse, and says how important it was to ensure that at least 50% of the key creatives and entire crew identified as women. “The film couldn’t have ended up feeling the way it does if it weren’t shot by the brilliant Alice Stephens, Production Designed by Leah Popple and Produced by Alexandra Gillespie.”


Robin Summons – Writer & Director
Alice Stephens – DOP
Leah Popple – Production Designer
Alexandra Gillespie – Producer

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