Struck by her supreme loneliness during the pandemic, a young woman wishes for her dog to become her boyfriend… and then endures the myriads of consequences when her wish comes true.

With Nicolette Robinson as executive producer, Fredgy Noël as director and other female creatives of color at the helm, “The Dogfriend” is a careful-what-you-wish for dark comedy about the monster that is straight, cis, white male privilege (when gone unchecked!) and equally a story about the various cycles and iterations of loss. Ultimately, it’s about a woman who chooses herself, despite the enormous fear of being a woman alone. It weaves together undeniable themes of this past year; solitude, loneliness, whimsy and absurdity, while also integrating the mountainous and ongoing, collective conversations we’ve shared around gender, race and systems of privilege. Last but not least, it is an ode to the great city of New York, which has proven, now more than ever, to be a unique and strange haven of magic and possibility.



Directed by Fredgy Noël
Written by Emily Kron
Executive Producers: Nicolette Robinson, Kate Hopkins, Emily Kron
Produced by
Kate Hopkins
Emily Kron
Jack Mikesell
Cinematography by Katherine Castro
Edited by Grace Palmer
Original Music by Joey LeBeija
“Trader Joes” by Junglepussy
Starring Olivia Puckett and Jack Mikesell
Hunter the Dog: Esther Solange Puckett
Delivery Woman: Alondra Perez
Guy Who Doesn’t Hold the Door: Grayson DeJesus
Happy Couple: Kate Hopkins and Colin Washington
Lady and Her Dog: Emily Kron and Zully Kron, MD
Wardrobe: Shannon Kintner
Sound operator: Seanbob
Colorist: Marika Litz
Sound Mix: Jasmin Klinger
Title and Graphics: Jon Portman

A Grandma’s Beach House Production

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