An experimental documentary showcasing the candor and color of Brazil’s ballroom culture. Through the eyes of various members of House of Blyndex—a multidisciplinary ballroom family from São Paula— we discover how a proud group of Black and LGBTQ people come together to promote community and the creativity of those marginalized by society.

House of Blyndex was co-directed by Rodrigo Inada and Yuri Mira, together with House member and creative director Paula Saul. The project’s various film formats and mediums present an authentic look at House of Blyndex’s spirit and goals amidst a whirlwind of dipping, dropping, spinning, and kicking.

“Brazil is a country that has a lot of financial and social inequality,” the directors said in a joint statement, “and especially in the arts scene it is difficult for people that are on the outskirts of society to make it.” For its members, Blyndex is a family of Black, queer, and trans people united in creativity, rising together as a community to overcome the hardships that they may face in life.

House of Blyndex acts through the ballroom community and culture to create music, fashion, scenography, styling, dance, acting, education. Breaking the tradition of corporate hierarchies, the house has a horizontal system of dynamic control, where each of the fifteen members has equal autonomy over decisions. Since its opening, Blyndex has focused on the development and promotion of its artists, taking their names across Brazil and throughout the world.


Direction by
Rodrigo Inada and Yuri Mira

Creative Direction
Paula Saul Blyndex

Featuring – Hause Of Blyndex

Crystal Blyndex
Muryllo Hills Blyndex
Heloisa Blyndex
Alysson Blyndex
Marina Blyndex
Felipe Melindroso Blyndex
Paula Saul Blyndex
Victor Stravinsky Blyndex
Prodigy Blyndex
Rik Blyndex
Ilunga Malanda Blyndex
Joy Blyndex
Barbye Blyndex

Cinematography and Production
Rodrigo Inada e Yuri Mira


Mah Ferraz /

Carlos Flores
Color Producer
Denisse J. Jimenez
Color EP
Ali Webb

Adittional Soundtrack Sound Design

Sound Mix and Master
A9 Audio
Adailton Matos
Leandro Beraldo

Adittional soundtrack
Apollo Nove

Adittional soundtrack
Joy Blyndex

Nestor Grun
João Rúbio

Gustavo Ferreira
Joh Gouveia

Special Tks

Nestor Grun
Tom Lopes
Luísa Martini
Roberto Martini
Mariana Amaral
César Sanches
Nestor Grun
Nathália Trindade
Cine Porn Ball 2.0
Pioneer Ákira Avalanx
Eduardo Rezende
Thiago Mascarenhas
Breno Moreira

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